Sunday, August 31, 2008

New baby!

Well...QueTee finally proved us Here all this time we just thought she was a fat cow of a horse, but she finally did it! Adorable little filly! We patted her all down yesterday, but now today momma is being overly protective (We "something" yellow go loping through the pasture, probably a young Timber) so I didn't get to play with her :( Mom is a silver dapple, dad is a roan appaloosa. This little girl will probably stay about 30-31'' tall. She's sure cute! She's got TINY little white spots on her rump if you biggify the photos...Okay, now that I've bragged, time for sleep.

Oh, and she looks so wobbly legged in the photos because she was only a few hours old...them legs straightened right up like they always do :) She can sure run like the wind today! :) Anyone know what color she might turn?

Okay, okay, sleep! :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

County Fair time!

Well, I didn't show this year, but I did put a bunch of babes in the Childrens Barn to be petted. All of them were babies I bred, one was Frigga who's a Minwawe bred babe. They did pretty darn well, most learned that "pets" are good :) Sold one boy, and hopefully two girls. Iduna really suprised me because she was SO tame! The first day she had her head sticking out BEGGING to be petted. So cute. I got some really nice photos of her as you can see. But, the drawback: I will be picking shavings out of fleeces from now til sometime next year...*sigh* Oh well, with 25 cards given out, and someone wanting fleeces for lace knitting, I'm very excited :) Here's photos! :)

That's Iduna in the sunglasses and hat....she was lovin it! I want to get a dress made for her! mwa ha ha haaaa

Candid photos from around the farm....

Our personal maid/ This is my old girl, Willow. She's at least 8, but more like 12. They told us she was 6 when we got her...but they also were stoned off their ass most of the time and asked "what color eggs to llamas lay?"

Minwawe Merry-Go-Round, Minwawe Hopscotch, White Pine Rifle, Minwawe Miracle and Minwawe Skippy. Part of the new batch I got from Garrett that I'll go through when I get new pics of everyone. I just love this photo because it shows off such a wide array of shetland colors. Would have loved to have gotten a white in there...Oh well, next time :)

This is the boy out of Minwawe Curly Locks that we're keeping...he's turning out VERY nice.

Firth of Fifth Likei
Minwawe Polka! :) She's so darn cute!
Silly Torrent doing what she does bestest besides eating...complaining! hehePurrrrdy Mayhem!
Me with QueTee, my silver dapple miniature pain-in-the-@$$ :)

New Filly!

Princess suprised us with a late little red flame of a filly! She is adorable! Also, Banshee suprised us with a VERY late dun filly! Very excited about both, though all are for sale (for now...depends on how much I fall in love with the fillies...mwa ha ha haaaa lol). Here's some photos of Princess's red filly, Banshee's will be a while because she's over at the neighbors being rebred.