Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New at this picture posting thing....lol

Well, I took some photos of the sheepies. Any ideas on the yellow faced? I'm pretty sure the white is at least MOSTLY shetland, has a pretty decent tail, although a little wooly. Someone suggested Icelandic, but I didn't think Icelandic came in yellow?! Shes got little white "booties" too, super cute. They're getting friendlier. They live in a 8 pannel dog kennel set up in our front yard as lawn mowers currently...hehehe.

And even though it isn't sheepies, I just love my dog, Izzy. Here's some photos of her new "toy" she had found, my sock. lol. Shes playing with her full sister, but a year younger, Jessie.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Blog...Woot :)

Well, I thought tonight was a good night to start the new blog that I've been procrastinating on for what seems like forever. Kimia came up to me and actually stood to let me scratch her! Success! :) Oh wait...now I have...Willow...Kizzy...Peoney...Torrent...and now Kimia in my lap. But wait...if I even smell like cookies a LITTLE bit I have Karma, Tasha, Gillian and Diana eating my clothing, skin, fingers, anything available. Silly girls!

I don't understand mothers logic sometimes...lol. My mother tells me I have too many sheep and that I can't get any more *registered* sheep...yet she comes home from the auction with two more? Sure she got a good deal...but still! lol One is for sure not Shetland, but she thinks she's pretty...and the other could be, but it's so hard to tell for sure sometimes. They're both in a makeshift pen in the front yard since it seems like every other pen on our property is filled up...Along with Kathy's 2 lamancha does.

Lots to post, but not tonight. Kinda groggy from runnin' steady these last two weeks, kinda want to relax and not have to think...lol. I'll be posting photos and writing more about breeding pens and such later :) Ciao!