Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy, busy busy!!!

Seems like I'm running steady right now. The girls are all ready to explode. Judging by backsides, Marion will be one of the first to go, which is a good thing because I have to keep an eye on her bag incase there's scar tissue from the infection she had last fall. The dogs, cats & chicks are doing good, the bunnies are doing good, I will try to get updated pictures up soon. As are all the farm critters. Need to get updated photos of what we aquired at the last auction lol.

My BFF Tracy is now on a LOA from work and will be through the remainder of her pregnancy and through my wedding (thank god, I need my MOA!) but at least the little munchkin will be born healthy. Baby is breach right now and will require regular checkups to make sure the little thing isn't tangled in the cord, but doing well now. Can't wait to meet my little godchild/niece or nephew!

Ummm...wedding preparations are still going alright. House rennovations are still going. We're working on getting the shelving up in the kitchen now. Soon as my camera battery is charged I'll work on getting some photos.

Sorry for the quick update, but it's my "sunday night" and I have to work tonight, so gotta get my butt to bed! Night!!