Sunday, August 16, 2009

A day at the fair with Kenzie!

And Brian and Stacie (her parents) of course! I figured I could blog all my photos, rather than email them because it's way cuter that way, and then it doesn't bog down their email :) Enjoy!

I LOOOVE the above photo!

It's been decided...

well, pending a micron test...I'm going to keep Lightning McQueen, even after the test breeding to March. I just adore his fleece, and he's become the second sweetest ram I own. Plus, the scurs have competely broken off and there are just lumps there now. Soooo...that means that I may have some polled genetics in the works :) Very very SOFT polled genetics...I LOVE Lightnings fleece...did I mention that already? lol. I've got a comparison photo, though it isn't very good, between Peters and's crazy. Lightning has this very beautiful soft grey/blue coloring to his fleece, and Peter has a gorgeous dark blue/grey color. 1/2 brothers, so different...I love them both. As long as Peters micron and horns are okay, he'll be staying. Unfortunately, it looks like Maters fleece (Cornet X Blues) isn't turning out as nice as I'd hoped. Time will tell, but also unfortunately is both black boys look to not have good horns...Maters esp. So, they both may be looking for pet homes, which is great for Abu (Olga X Blues) because he is so overly friendly as it is.

I took some photos, but am heading out to the fair soon (camera in tow) so will see if I can't post them tonight or tomorrow. My vacation is almost over...unfortunately I didn't get to go to MFF because between Dennys car and my truck, we didn't have a vehicle that was good enough to go...Dennys starter went, he was stuck in Duluth for 45 minutes the other day before it would start Was suppose to get tires for my truck (my tires don't wanna make it much more than to and from Barnum), but the dude never called me back, so I could have bought brand new tires, but then I wouldn't have been able to afford to go out there anyway lol. Ahh the joys of life. Anyway, have go to meet some friends at the fair, so better go get dressed into real clothes instead of PJs! Hopefully have some nice photos later :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Guinea Singing Dogs

Will likely take a while to load...but it was just neat! Got to see them in PA at Claws N Paws Animal Park. Along with loads of other nifty critters, including a white tiger, an albino wallaby and some uber cute monkeys!