Saturday, May 31, 2008

*sigh of relief*

Shearing is done! I have had no sleep since 9pm last night and have to go to work in 20 minutes, but shearing is done! Llamas and alpacas too. I have a split shift this week and forgot my camera today, so we'll see when I can get photos :( But they look so damn cute! :) I'll post pics asap. Off to work....we'll see if I make it! Wish me luck...and

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Allergies suck...

All stuffed up from pollen and crap in the air, and from gardening and standing in a greenhouse for a 1/2 hour trying to get my potting soil and get out! *sigh* lol. No new babies yet, but we're waiting patiently for new little buggers. I need to go spray and wash my pants now and take a Claritin before bed. G'night!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Random fun photos!

Sheepies and puppies from the last couple days...:) Enjoy!

Lapacho and her twin boys.
Tasha and Freyja.
Peoney's boy Atli.
Lottie's girl Nanna.
Jets girl Embla...who apparently got too close to someone lambing last night...icky!
Tansy's VERY nice boy, Tyr.
Grandma Konnel!
Lottie, Nanna, Freyja and Gretel.

Anisa wedging herself into a corner...don't ask me
Anisa and Izzy.
My little fox!

New Lambs!

Kimia and Demi (both bred to Isaac) popped last night...Kimia had a darling little black girl, North Star Swanhild.

Couldn't get a very good photo of her because momma was freaking out.

And here's Demi's little mite. Unfortunately he's unregisterable and a ram. But so FREAKING cute! And one floppy ear...what's up with that? Part Nubian goat? LOL

Last one in Isaac's pen to go, I believe, is Konnel. Then we have Likei's pen hopefully starting any time :)

New sheepies :)

Here are the girls and boys from Peeps/Mary Ellen.

Magnolias twin rams.
Curly Locks twin rams.
Pretty preggo Polka! (woo hoo for allertiation :) )
One of Curly Locks' rams. (Thinkin' about keepin' him back for a few breedings this fall)
Magnolia and her boys.
Curly Locks, one of Magnolias rams and Magnolia...Spearmint moved so I didn't get her in the photo :( She kept moving! Couldn't get a good shot of her lol.

Curly Locks' twins.
One of Maggie's boys.
And Curly Locks and her twins.

I LOVE THESE SHEEP! :) Thank you Peeps :)

Yay! New sheepies!

Garrett arrived last night with my sheepies! Thank God I'm not too far out of the way for him (just a few hours) and he was able to drop them hero! I still have yet to get photos because it was dark when they got there...And, another little mircale before we left! Kimia delivered a gorgeous little black very crimpy ewe lamb! :) I'm heading out there to take photos here soon...But I rode back to my house with Garrett a 1/2 hour north of the farm, and then he took off down 210 this morning, nice straight shot to his house :) His girls were very quiet in town last night...which is good, I was afraid someone would end up calling the cops cuz of strange baaing noises! LOL. We got to talk sheepies and plants some, and we took fleece samples of all 4 of the new girls. They are SO much prettier than they're photos...Polka is absolutely freaking adorable, as is Curly Locks. So femmine looking too! Anyway, I'll quit yacking about 'em and go take some photos! :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

The life of a farmer...

Today was a very sad day for me. Rhiannon had been bred to my beloved Cheknon, and I was so hoping for a gorgeous gulmoget I could use. Well, today I got it. But unfortunately, when I got to the house, she was already dead. She was very large, legs longer than Torrents lamb, and very stuck. Pretty little face, gorgeous eye flashes, cute little white spots on her head...perfectly crimpy fleece. I am literally sick to my stomach. I've been crying off and on for an hour, this just tears me apart. She was VERY stuck, I had to twist and turn to get her out, one leg was back. Rhiannon is very tired, so I'm almost hoping she doesn't have another lamb in her, because being she's so tired, that ones life would probably be in danger as well. On a bright note, I learned some techniques of pulling a lamb. Unfortunately, it looks as though she'd been dead for a while, so if my mom had actually gone into the pen this morning and noticed she was having problems, we may have been able to save the lamb. But its' no use looking into the past, right? I still have Thor, who's Cheks as well, and we'll see how he turns out.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Micron results!

My intermediate fleeced beautiful partial yuglet, sokket gulmoget boy, Likei had his microning are the results.

MFD: 24.7 microns
SD: 10.2
CoV: 41.3%
<30mic: 19.4%

Better than I was expecting, but he does have a very soft handle. Yay for Likei! He's so beautiful!

Sugar lips!

Kizzy presented us with two beautiful little black sugar-lipped ewe lambs out of Isaac! Absolutely gorgeous, too bad they're not registerable :( But if anyone is interested in a 3/4 musket Shetland and her two little 7/8 grey daughters, please let me know! Here's the darlings...absolutely beautiful.

And here's Peoney with her handsome moorit krunet boy, Alti.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I saw my first birth!

Peoney decided to have her lamb in the daylight yesterday, so I got to see. I can see why some people say if you know they're going into labor, just go away and don't watch...I was freaking out! Didn't know how long it should take, what if the baby suffocates, what if...what if...what if...Crazy! I have some graphic photos, but I'll post the cute one where he's dried off :) Meet North Star Alti...Hopefully Peoney has this lamb isn't very large and she was HUGE. But she hadn't as of 5am.

He looks just like momma only in moorit with a touch more white. I saw a white hoof coming out, and got excited...but the bottom of his pads on 2 of his feet are

No one else yet, but Rhiannon and Demi looked fishy. Possibly Kimia too. But then, when I guess who's going first, they always prove me wrong :(

Monday, May 12, 2008

Puppy update!

Ya know, being on a farm, you'd think we'd raise farm dogs...but no! Foo-foo dogs...but they're pretty good at not messing with the livestock at Here's updated photos of the Cavalier puppies.

Sweet, shy little girl.
All three! :)
Little boy and little girl.
"Can I come in your lap?!" says the little boy. He's just a little lover.
Tri girl.
Tri girl eating little boy.
"I got your ear!"

A few photos of the '08 calves so far.

Freckles' calf, very pretty facial spotting. Looks almost like Cherry!
Freckles and calf. I think this is a heifer calf, but I can't remember for sure.
Side view of Sondra's calf (Sondra is out of our lead cow, Lady, who is 11 years old this year and still going strong! Had a GORGEOUS red heifer calf this year)
This little beauty is unfortunately a steer. Look at those perfect tiny goggles! Good job Sondra!

"What are you lookin' at? Hey, wait, you're not my mother!"
Beautiful steer with his mother, Gwen. Hard to believe she's 3/4 beef and he's 7/8, huh? He looks like a red holstein! lol.

More Lambie Photos :)

Torrent and Thor
Pretty little Thor.
I just love his color!
Lamb bucking!
Lamb races with Dana following faithfully behind. Any time her two little goons (Signy and Sigmund) are involved she's RIGHT there. Very attentive mother.
Lamb races!
Iduna asks, "What's goin' on?"
Embla coming over to say hello.
Side shot of pretty little Embla.
More lamb races.
Freyja striking a pose.
Embla being nosey, Freyja in the middle with Sigmund and momma bringing up the very rear.