Saturday, March 28, 2009

So I'm already thinking...

Well, halter training! I'm wishing away their youth, aren't I? :( lol. I've decided that I'm likely going to be showing Lightning this fall at Jefferson and likely MFF too. Probably one or two of the girls too...dammit, now I deffinately need a truck! *sigh* lol. So now I need to go halter training...Abu probably wouldn't be hard to experiment on...He just wants attention! Also, here's some more photos from yesterday. I tried uploading my videos, and will try again, but it just wasn't working :(Abu learning that scratches are GOOD! :)
Raja wasn't so sure, so she was content to chew on the
Peter and Wendy came over to say hi
Raja did FINALLY decide that scratches were good too...I love how her back is arched like a
Pete is SO photogenic!
Hmm...there's an odd spot on the llamas....
Oh, it's just Bug...looking particularly cranky...
Watchout! It's the blimp!
I swear this fat cow MUST have triplets...but I'm sure she's just gonna have a big single or something to PISS me off!
I lovingly call her a "toadstool"
My fluffy toadstool next to

Wendy and Pete curled up next to mom, takin a nap.

And last, but not least, I couldn't leave without taking a photo of the lovely Thor! He's so darling, I just wish he was registerable...*sigh*

Friday, March 27, 2009

2 new additions!

Meet North Star Lightning McQueen and North Star Mater! Born to Sheltering Pines Cornet, a gulmoget ewe. I was hoping for a gulkat...but I got a black (Mater) and an awesome grey kat who will likely be staying here (Lightning). I am so thrilled with how CRIMPY his fleece is. It's amazing...on his tail even! I will be SO excited to see what he microns at. :)
Please, click to biggify...:D

Cornet was sleeping SO hard right here...I had to yell at her several times to wake up. She was DREAMING...just like a dog, only bleating softly and her eyes were twitching...WAY COOL! lol

Even the tail! :D :D :D I think I'm in love....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wendy Darling and Peter Pan update!

They're growing like weeds...And Abu and Raja are teaching them bad habits...I walk into the barn today and ALL 4 are out! lol. Naughty babies....

Wendy has LOTS of Phaeo, and I LOVE Peter's crimp. Peter is below.

Wendy also has little freckle spots on the side of her nose, you can kind of see them above...they're little black freckles.

Funniest thing is, I never noticed they were spotted til Julianne pointed out that Peter has a large white blaze on his I've never had kat lambs before, so I guess I was just too stunned to notice! Wendy has a kiwi sized krunet on her forehead as well. Almost a heart again! Peters facial markings kind of look like a mask I'd expect a wrestler to


Anyone need a bunny? hehehe. Mom's got a litter of 5 Lionhead babies! 2 chinchilla, 1 agouti (cottontail), and 2 black otter. One of the chinchillas, if there's a doe, will be staying. Dad is an overly white chinchilla (maybe a double? not super familiar with the chinchilla gene), and mom is a black. Both are double maned, and hoping the babes will be too. Sorry for the quality of the photos...It was VERY dark in there and I was using my old camera/moms camera.

The ewes are winning!

Lets keep this streak up girls! Justalit'l Bedegrayne had a single ewe lamb! A little fawn katmoget! It's more than likely that this girl will be a keeper, but time will tell...Cornet looked a little fishy today...hmmm....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meet Fluffy...

He's just so pretty! I decided if I get another, his name will be "Fuzzy" :D I'm a dork, I know...