Monday, March 22, 2010

Waiting impatiently...

I just wanna go squeeze Disa! She looks to be the first to go. Disa, Marion, Gail & Chalmeaux were all first in with Philemon, for about 3 weeks prior to everyone else. I've been trying to look up the exact date, but so far have been unable to. Last fall/winter was a pretty trying time for me, but it's a new year, and I'm working on a new me.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sheepies look great :)

Of the baby Thor :) He's such a honey! And still sooooo soft. Actually thinking about wethering him this year because there is likely no way to get him registered :(

An ALWAYS fat Magnolia. I would hope she's carrying quads this year, but she looked the same last year with twins...hell, she looks the same when she's NOT Not wormy, doesn't seem to get too much grain/hay...just is a hefty girl! lol

Silver, our 1/2 Shetland gulmoget spotted ewe lamb. Her other half? Your guess is as good as ours...Goldie is an oddball :)

Beautiful Maid Marion hopefully isn't a maid anymore...:D She's really coming into herself, actually looks more like I thought Alice would...I actually THOUGHT she was Alice the other day, the ear tag gives it away though...because she looks exactly like Alice's mom, Bedegrayne.
And Alice!
Another shot of Maggie :)
And for Ginny...Dory! My beautiful little gulkat out of Torrent and Likei
Trying to get a photo of Raja, nearly impossible...
Chalmeaux :)
Mary Poppins
Princess Aurora
This little guy is likely going to be for sale! He's a poll carrier/half poll out of Wintertime Blues X Glenmore March Madness. He is an Ag fawn katmoget. SUPER soft handle, wide crimp.

And mr. Lightning McQueen will likely be staying here. Mom calls him "boyfriend" because he loves her lol. He is Sheltering Pines Cornet X Wintertime Blues. And unfortunately has rooed all his beautiful neck wool! lol. He has little bone knobs, but nothing more. I put each boy over the others mother, so hopefully will get full poll lambs! I decided it can't hurt to have a polled line...right?

March...My old girl. She's such a doll, and I LOVE her face!

Now I need to get my lambs registered asap! Been procrastinating. Had a lot of life changing events happen this year, I'm lucky I even remember to renew my NASSA membership. Lambs will be late this year, and other than the two ewes for the polled line, all lambs will be sired by White Pine Philemon, so probably not too many spots this year as he's solid, but I'm hoping he passes on his wool quality to all his lambs. I still have to find a really nice white ewe this year, so be on the lookout for me! :) I also need to get fleece samples taken! Gah! So behind, so behind.

OMG! I found the sock stealing monster!

Damn cat....

Monday, March 1, 2010

Read the wrong blog! lmao...j/k! :D Stole it off a fellow shetland breeders blog, cuz she said to! :) Not much going on in the Northland, getting some decent weather finally. Totally jealous over Garretts babies!
"One Word"
"Your Cell Phone?Walkman

Your Hair? ponytail

Your Mother? friend

Your Father? gone

Your Favorite Food? adobo

Your Dream Last Night? falling

Your Favorite Drink? monster

Your Dream/Goal? spin

What Room Are You In? livingroom

Your Hobby? critters

Your Fear? abandonment

Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? happier

Where Were You Last Night? work

Something That You Aren't? normal

Muffins? chocolate

Wish List Item? improvements

Where Did You Grow Up? hereish

Last Thing You Did? ate

What Are You Wearing? clothes

Your TV? n/a

Your Pets? spoiled

Friends? few

Your Life? meh

Your Mood? painful

Missing Someone? yes

Vehicle? car

Something You Aren't Wearing? jewelry

Your Favorite Store? HT

Your Favorite Color? black

When Was The Last Time You Laughed? gym

Last Time You Cried? Yesterday

Your Best Friend? Rocks :)

One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? walmart

Facebook? yup

Twitter? confusing

Favorite Place To Eat? Lobster...

I'll just tag whoever reads this... :)