Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chick-fil-a? Noooo Chick- a- day!

Well, I won't BLOG about her every day, but I do plan on trying to take photos of her every day. Explaining....

I ordered an order from it, were 15 of 3 varieties of blue moderns....blues, silver blues and self blues. Now that their wing feathers are coming out, I can tell two are splash, but don't know if they're splash silvers or just splash. But anyway, in comes Spotsie...She is one of two dark blue chicks...but she's unique in the fact that she has an even darker spot on the back of her head/neck and dark blue almost chipmunk stripes (think typical wyandotte chicks)! Interesting! So I have decided to take a photo a day of her to maturity to see how she turns out. It gives me a excuse to use my camera...and an excuse to make myself blog every week on SOMETHING, since I've kind of left you guys high and dry most of the winter (I am SOOOO sorry :( )

Anyway, so the only photo I got on day one was with my cell phone, and I'm pretty sure this is her in the middle, but not positive. If you haven't, feel free to like our page while your there! We're hoping for 100 people soon so we can have an uber contest!

And here's day two. Yes, those are sheepies on my PJ's :D

Itty bitty wingies!

Hiding "under" momma :)
I think she's half giraffe! :)

Oh, and I have to post one other photo today. This is one of the "for fun" white d'Uccles I ordered. Look at the extra toe! I wonder if there's some silkie or dorking blood in the backround.... It will be interesting to find out how this chickie turns out :)

I'll post another post on Spotsie on day 7 probably, or around there, and compile pictures from the week :) I've got some cute ones :)

Two months until lambing! YIPEE! :)