Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quick blog! Puzzle!

Okay, quick blog then back to cleaning. Going to try to do these all this week! lol. A lot of the lambs look similar, have to get out and tag them soon! Just got my tags yesterday lol. Stupid state taking so long, oh well. ANYWAY, here is my puzzle...

Pink eyelids, right? So she's a moorit gulmoget, right?

Look at how GREY this fleece is underneath? That hardly looks musket....lol

This little girl is likely polled. Momma is Sheltering Pines Grand Cornet, a poll carrier, and daddy is North Star Buzz Lightyear (Wintertime Blues X Glenmore March Madness)She has the deep impressions that a lot of people characterize with the polled ewes, but only time will tell. This little gem is likely staying right here :) Was hoping for a gulkat instead, but I'll take her, she's cute :)