Monday, March 26, 2012

Please welcome...

Our newest member! Cute little bugger, huh? :) J/k. While Adam brought home this yummy treat for us...we actually do have new members!

Delta with Parsley

And little Mister Pandan.

Pandan will be staying with us in the house until such a time as he has found a new home, or we get too attached to allow him to leave lol. He is a purebred registered spotted badger marked CVM/Romeldale. Excellent fleece sheep. If he remains on the farm, we have yet to decide if he will be a wether, or will stay intact and be our new ram. Time will tell :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Contest time!!

CONTEST TIME!!! Whomever can guess the date the first SHETLAND (not Romeldale or cross) lambs are born, will get to NAME THEM! The only rule is that is needs to be an herb or spice, that's this years theme. The Shetlands *could* go starting the 23rd according to the lambing calculator.

If you can guess which ewe goes first as well, you will get $20 towards the purchase of anything to do with the sheep (lamb/fleece/meat) I will post some photos of the girls I think will go soonest to help you along :) Good luck to everyone! And don't worry if someone's already picked the date you wanted, go ahead and guess it. If there is a tie, we'll figured something out ;-)

I'm posting this on my Facebook page as well. And please invite your friends as well to the Facebook page, we're 8 people away from 100 people! At 100, we'll be having a giveaway as well :)

Record highs!

What WONDERFUL moving weather! Yesterday Duluth shattered record highs in the 70s! IN MARCH?! How crazy is this weather? I'm loving it :)

Anyway, still busy moving. We're planning on being out at moms by next weekend, so we've got lots left to do. Then we gotta get the house fixed up so we can show it. I should really clean my desk off..... :D

Anyway, at least for a while, I will probably be on dial-up (If I can find a freaking modem! lol), so pictures will be minimal. I can post some on my FB page with my iphone, but that will probably be most of the limit lol. Oh well. At least until we can get satellite figured out. And probably sell the house since we'll be broke otherwise. Ahh the joys...

But the real reason you're here....

No there's no lambs yet. Sad I know! Everyone else is starting but us. Mom was teasing Delta & Dolly yesterday though, saying they looked like cows. Both are quite heavy bred, as are a lot of the Shetlands. The Shetlands could start as early as next Friday. Delta & Dolly could go any time. Here's hoping for healthy lambs!! :)

Oh, and shearing day is April 21st, so if anyones interested in fleeces, let us know. We will be doing the alpacas in late May or early June :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Feb 20th and 28th

Getting more and more lax, yeah yeah yeah, I know :) Bad me :)

Leetle feathers on thee head...:)

Spot starting to fade now

Lots more feathers on the back
Look at that big comb! :)

Little brat trying to jump down back to the

Feb 28th
We shut off the light for a while while I cleaned the cage, and then left it off for a while, so they took a nap :)

Feb 16 - 20

Feb 16th
The newbies arrive! Spot is curious :)

Stubby is always curious about the camera :) Baby Barnvelder says "Are you my mommy?" to Spot :)

"Can I eat this?"
Lookee the back feathers!
And tail!

And comb!

Feb 20th
The spot is still there!

Startin' to get his stretch on :)

More Spot updates :)

Feb 10th

Back stripes are still holding on for dear life!

2/11 - Happy birthday Mom!

Just a pic of Paulie sleeping in my hand...

Feb 15th

Teeeeeny little back feathers :)

More Spot photos! And other chickies :)

Don't stone me, but I haven't been very good about EVERY DAY photos...but I've gotten a lot. :)

Feb 6th

Feb 7th

Buh-bye back stripes!

Lookee those wingies!

This was the first time I suspected "Spotsie" may be "Spot" instead :)
Oooh baby shake yer tailfeathers! Look at those little buggers comin' in!

Feb 8th
Little changes every day!

Continued on next post... :)