Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fleece samples

These are the samples I'm sending in.

Mmmm.... Lightnings sample :)

Woody's sample
Thors sample (3 years old)

Lets play catch up!

So sorry! Been a hell of a last few months! Lets see if I can sum it up....

I got engaged! A few days before our 6 month anniversary, Adam took me up to the lake walk and proposed! So we're planning a wedding, the date is set for September 24th of this year. All of my Shetland friends are invited, of course! We're going to have the wedding at a park in Jay Cooke park, and the reception at the Buffalo House near Duluth. Going to be catering it ourselves, a cold type salad and dessert bar. Going to look at dresses on the 13th of February, and looking for photographers. But otherwise we're working on getting decorations ready and stuff. The colors are blue and green, mostly dark, to match peacock feathers that we'll be using for decorating :) Hoping to sneak some wool in there too :D

56 ewes and ewe lambs exposed to 5 rams: Sheltering Pines Arturo (emsket flecket), Minwawe Combination (black yuglet flecket), North Star Lightning McQueen (polled black katmoget), North Star Woody (moorit based moget face poll carrier), and North Star Thor (poll carrier gul-kat). We're selling a few ewes here and there to make room for the leased lambs. Lambing should start in late March at the very earliest.

Miss Ruby is doing great! If any of you followed the blog last spring, Ruby was a miracle lamb as she was born with her twin sister, but she was premature and had some problems. She's one of the largest lambs in the maiden pen, and her fleece is soft as butter and actually getting some crimp in! She's got her mothers tail (Justalil Bedegrayne) Thick and wooly, but otherwise she's a doll. Still wants her bottle, and mom still lets her once in a while, just a little and mostly water. Some of the ram lambs turned out very nice, and depending on what I get out of the leased lambs, I may end up keeping one of my ram lambs out of Philemon, but we'll see.

We butchered 5 rams, yum yum! A couple were too nice to butcher, so they're still for sale.

We lost Woody, unfortunately :( He was very rowdy with his ewes, and ended up busting through the fence and getting tangled up and had some internal issues. I used him on 4 or 5 ewes this year, so hoping for some spectactular results like his ram lambs were this year. RIP Woody :(

Really excited for the Jefferson show this year. Adam will be coming with, and we'll be showing! Lightning McQueen will be shown for sure, along with some ewes more than likely.

Marion poked her udder, which we drained and treated, but we have to watch her this spring, and if she twins, we may have another bottle baby. Not that Adam

Ummm....I'm going to be sending in samples from the rams soon, as soon as I find the information for the two places and the current prices. I want to do some of my finer ewes as well, but time will tell if I get to it or not this season.

Shearing is set for April 2nd! WOO! At least we'll have a good amount of fleeces for showing :) Very excited, I love shearing, it's so smooth with Brian! We took that whole weekend off, so it will also be hoof trimming and worming weekend as well. Hoping it doesn't cause any of the girls to go into labor =/

Ummm...Not sure what else to post, so now I'll be posting some photos in the next couple posts. :)