Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I want more information on kemp. Can anyone inform me? I have some ewes who have what I think is kemp. I've never seen it before this, so don't have anything to compare it to. They were all F2 orion yearlings, and it showed up in 7 ewes, 1 ram from my "keepers". Is it carried or expressed only? Must be carried as the ewes that had these lambs have never shown this before, and don't have it themselves. Is it possible this is just a fluke and they'll grow out of it? Any info would be appreciated. :)

Figured some of you might get a kick out of this. I swear I've never seen a dog run this He's really amazing. This is my moms Chinese Crested, Rufus. He's absolutely adorable, and is such a ham. He's my "circus dog"...He loves to please. He's still reserved with strangers and children, but is very good with us. Thought you guys might like a laugh :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fiber starter flock!

This would be a nice pair for someone wanting fiber animals. The ram lamb can be wethered before leaving if someone would just like a pair of fiber animals not for breeding as well. The ram lamb is a grey katmoget, 5/8 Shetland 3/8 BFL, out of Thor and Diamond (See microns on previous post), and the ewe lamb is a 1/2 Shetland 1/2 Babydoll out of Babydoll & White Pine Philemon AI, who was modified, so who knows what colors are lurking beneath that white! :) The ewe microned at 21 something, and has very nice fleece. A little more open like the babydoll, but still very crimpy and lovely.

He is a beautiful boy! Pictured here with momma. I'll have to find photos of the babydoll ewe, or take new ones, I can't find any at the moment! hehehe

Found some photos from last year on this blog post

Adult Micron Results

And now on to my adults. Most were much better than I thought, some were worse than I was hoping. My average over all the animals was 23.8 microns, 6.4 CV and 27.0 SD. Granted I've got almost as many yearlings as I do adults, which is why the numbers are so low, I might do an average myself of just all the adult ewes, we'll see how much free time I have hehehe :)

Name/Year Born/Mic/SD/CV
North Star Aurora/2009/25.8/8.3/32.3
Justalit'l Bedegrayne/2004/28.1/6.0/21.5
Minwawe Bejig/2006/32.6/11.0/33.9
Sheltering Pines Chalmeaux/2006/27.4/6.7/24.4
Sheltering Pines Cornet/2006/26.4/5.9/22.4
Sommarang Disa/2006/23.2/5.4/23.1
North Star Dory/2009/24.5/6.2/25.5
Minwawe DoSiDo/2006/21.4/5.0/23.3 (This one I was quite shocked about)
North Star Freyja/2008/22.9/6.5/28.7
North Star Frigga/2008/24.2/8.5/35.3
Sommarang Gail/2009/25.4/7.6/29.8
North Star Iduna/2008/23.6/7.6/32.3
North Star Jasmine/2009/21.5/5.9/27.5
FirthofFifth Kimia/2007/23.4/6.6/28.2
RYL Konnel/2002/25.8/7.7/30.0
Minwawe Lyra/2007/28.8/9.6/33.2
Minwawe Magnolia/2005/31.4/10.0/31.9
Glenmore March Madness/2001/27.5/5.7/20.6
Justalit'l Maid Marion/2009/24.6/5.2/21.0
North Star Mary Poppins/2009/23.8/7.1/30.0
Minwawe Miracle/2004/24.1/7.4/30.7
SHeltering Pines Modron/2004/28.3/7.5/26.4
North Star Nanna/2008/25.2/7.8/30.9
Sheltering Pines Olga/2005/26.2/6.2/23.7
Sheepy Hollow Peoney/2002/26.9/7.4/28.7
Minwawe Polka/2005/23.6/6.3/26.5
North Star Raja/2009/24.1/6.1/25.3
FirthofFifth Rhiannon/2005/29.4/8.2/28.0
White Pine Salida/2008/28.8/8.3/28.9
Minwawe Skippy/2007/23.2/6.3/27.3
Minwawe Spearmint/2006/28.9/8.9/30.7
River Oaks Tasha/2006/25.6/7.3/28.3
Winter Sky Torrent/2004/27.7/7.0/25.4
North Star Wendy/2009/27.5/7.2/26.0

North Star Abu/2009/18.7/5.5/29.2
Minwawe Combination/2008/30.9/10.8/35.0 (For sale, not so great tail, but GREAT spotting genetics, and his full brothers micron was very nice)
North Star Lightning McQueen/2009/28.6/4.5/15.7 (Quite shocked about this one as well)
Minwawe Padlock/2008/24.0/8.8/36.7
North Star Thor/2008/25.0/5.1/20.4

Babydoll ewe/Not sure of age?/33.8/6.5/19.4 (This is okay, she produces amazing crosses)
Diamond/2009 I think?/3/4 BFL 1/4 Shetland/28.4/6.2/21.8

This helps a lot. I have people interested in unregistered ewes, and may make some decisions based on the micron tests. :)

F2 Orion Yearling results

Most of these haven't been registered yet as I was waiting for micron results. These are all White Pine Philemon AI lambs. Most of the ewes will remain here, but a majority of the rams will be available for sale. I didn't write down if they were modified or not, but some are, as daddy was fawn. Here they are:

Ear tag #/Color/Dam/Micron/SD/CV
13/Black /Minwawe Bejig /20.6/6.9/33.3
16/Moorit /LRO Gretel /20.5/5.3/ 26.0
22/Fawn Katmoget /Justalit'l Maid Marion /19.1/4.2/22.2 (Wether, Comfort factor of 99.6%!!! WOW!!!)
25/AG Fawn Kat Flecket/Glenmore March Madness /19.2/4.6/24.1
26/AG Fawn Kat Flecket/Glenmore March Madness /22.5/5.4/23.9 (For sale, poll carrier, short scurs)
32/Moorit /FirthofFifth Kimia /18.4/4.9/26.7
48/Moorit /River Oaks Tasha /22.0/5.5/24.9
49/Moorit /North Star Iduna /21.7/6.6/30.3
50/Black Blettet /Sheltering Pines Modron /18.1/5.4/29.6
51/Moorit /LRO Tansy /18.8/5.9/31.6
52/Moorit /LRO Jet /20.3/6.6/32.2

Hard decisions on who to keep. Some have lower microns, some have lower SD/CV...hmm.. Any advice would be highly appreciated :)

Ear tag #/Dam/Micron/SD/CV

2/Moorit /North Star Frigga /22.3/7.1/31.8
4/Black /Minwawe Polka /19.0/5.0/26.1
7/Moorit /FirthofFifth Rhiannon /19.9/5.7/28.9
10/Moorit Krunet /Minwawe Magnolia /21.6/6.5/30.1
12/Black /Minwawe Bejig /23.6/7.3/30.8
18/Moorit /Sheltering Pines Olga /22.3/6.8/30.4
21/Moorit /Justalit'l Bedegrayne /20.8/5.1/24.7
28/Fawn Katmoget /Winter Sky Torrent /23.4/5.5/23.3
29/Grey/RYL Konnel/19.6/5.3/27.1
31/Moorit /FirthofFifth Kimia /18.7/5.7/30.2
42/Black /Minwawe Polka /19.8/5.5/27.8
44/Moorit/White Pine Salida /23.2/5.7/24.7
45/Moorit /Sommarang Disa /20.5/6.1/29.6
46/Moorit Krunet /Sheltering Pines Olga /20.2/4.9/24.1
47/Moorit /Minwawe Skippy /21.9/5.8/26.7
55/White /Babydoll /20.5/4.3/20.7
56/White /Babydoll /21.4/4.5/20.9 (For sale to a fiber farm along with Diamonds Grey kat ram)
57/Moorit /Sheepy Hollow Peoney /20.2/5.8/29.0
North Star Ruby/Fawn Kat/19.7/4.1/20.7
North Star Shale/Ag Gulmoget/23.0/5.5/23.7

Most of the yearling ewes will be staying at least through this year, we'll see how they micron this coming year.