Tuesday, April 13, 2010

5...no 6 new additions!!

Okay, I've been lacking in my blogging. Lots of pictures to update! On the 5th, Charm, one of my crossbred ewes whom I'm hoping to use for making butcher lambs, gave twin ram lambs. One white, and one RED?! Where the heck did that red come from? I'm assuming somewhere in Charms backround. The ram was 1/2 Coopworth, 1/2 Border Leicester, and Charm is 1/4 Lincoln, 1/4 Corridale, 1/4 Shetland, 1/4 Karakul...So maybe the Karakul? They're cute nonetheless, but destined for freezer camp.

All the above photos are from the 6th, they were a day old.And above is a photo from yesterday. The white really stands out now, didn't notice it at first.

And yesterday I get home from a wonderful time (as usual) staying at Garrett Ramsay's farm over the weekend for the Exotic animal auction in Perham. Walked out to the barnyard...hmmm...everyone seems to be there...oh wait...where's Chalmeaux? I hear that soft almost nickering sound, omg she must be in labor! So in high platform sandals, I attempt to climb over the fence...ker-plunk! On my butt/lower back...of course all of my tame ewes came over for pets and treats, but I like to think they were checking to make sure I was okay. Which, I'm alive, but in a lot of pain right now. Don't think I did anything too severe, just stiff and sore mostly. So I hobbled over behind the quonset hut, and low and behold! Twins! Both...almost solid :( lol. That's okay, I've got healthy twins! Both boys... :( Oh well, they're still good, healthy boys. And cute to boot. Both moorit, one blettet for sure, the other may be a krunet, but still has a couple small white spots, so we'll see if they fade or not. Both are F2 Orions out of White Pine Philemon AI, and the one looks to have very nice fleece, other has a bit of a baby coat, but hopefully that will shed out.
yummy fleece!

And last night, mom walked out to the pen to find Maid Marion not a maid anymore! lol. She had a single pretty little fawn kat ram lamb with her. I'll hopefully get photos today or tomorrow :)

So that makes 1...2....3....4...5....oh yes, and number 6, last, but definitely not least. Well, she's kind of a camera hog, so you're going to have to wait til the next blog post to meet my little sweetheart. :)