For Sale

 Cutting back the flock to about half of what it is right now, will be adding more sheep as time permits me to get more photos and to more evaluations.

Pending means someone has spoken up for the animal but has not placed a deposit.
Reserved means a deposit has been placed for an animal, but it is still at the farm and has not been sold.
Sold means the animal has left the premesis.

Mature Rams:
None available at this time.

Yearling Rams:
None available at this time.

Ram Lambs:
Anteaus: Smirslet sokket (flecket?) black Shetland ram lamb.  Very nice looking single coated fleece.  White Pine Slaton X Sheltering Pines Olga.  No horn buds developing as of 7/3, and he's two months old.  This little guy would be a great addition to someones polled flock!  He is SO friendly!  He loves to have his chest and chin scratched, but still knows who the "alpha" is ;-)  (And he's standing awkward in this photo, he's not that short in the front lol) 

*UPDATE*  Anteaus has small scurs, one could be fatal so I am likely going to wether him and he and Jay can go together for someone who wants some adorable pets.

Omoc: Pure registerable CVM/Romeldale ram lamb.  Gorgeous little boy.  Will be a big late weaning as he was the last to be born, but he'll be worth the wait!  $350 with registration (First photo= is just hours after he was born, second is about a week later)(I would also be willing to trade him for an unrelated CVM ram!)

 Urgo:  Urgo is a beast!  Biggest, fastest growing lamb I think we've had yet!  He would be an excellent crossing sire, meat animal or even a fiber flock sire as his daddy is Romeldale!  He's bigger than some of my adult Shetlands at  $175

Adult Ewes: 
None available at this time.

Yearling Ewes:
None available at this time.

Ewe Lambs:

Aiyana: (Sequin X Slaton): Fawn Moget face ewe lamb (Ag katmoget).  Cute little bugger!  $200

Zenna Valk:  Zenna(Chicory X Slaton) was born 5/11 to a yearling of mine who raised her perfectly!  We lovingly call Zenna "Pajama pants" because of her white behind.  She is a total cutie sokket fawn gulkat.  :)  $275

I have a few mixed breed chicks available, from 2 weeks to three months old.  Silkie crosses, a couple frizzled cochin crosses, etc.  $2-5 each or will make a deal for multiple purchases.  Cute little buggers! 


Trio of buff muscovy ducklings.  95% sure it's a drake and two hens.  Feathering out solid.  $50

None available at this time, but Smudge (calico) has week old kittens.