Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Izzy and Anisa photos...

Mama's girls... :)

(Please ignore the mess...espically the chair, that's my "lets throw everything into this chair" chair...lol Mostly Sunday newspapers and munchies...lol)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some updated photos...

Couldn't get many, because I didn't realize it, but my camera was VERY low on batteries when I got to moms, but I got some photos :) It's charging now, and moms laid off for a month, so she'll have plenty of time with the puppies! They're playing pretty good and teething like mad right now. Hopefully I'll get more photos this weekend :)

Buggy kitty
Bugaboo again
Baby llama!

What'r yoooouu lookin' at?

Sheepies in the quonset
Baby Noodle...still just a little sprite.
Our two resident poop machines...The male is an Embden X (probably toulouse), and the female is a Canada X Embden. I doubt the female is fertile, but she only cost $1 and is pretty to look at lol. The male was free cuz he was the last a friend of ours had out of a flock of about 50 that got wiped out by mink and fox. They're pretty to look at and they'll help keep the grass down in the spring and summer. They live outside the barn so they can't accumulate so much poop inside! lol. They love it and sleep either next to the swans or in a dog house in the barnyard when it's really cold :)
Sleepy Neener.

One of my girls peeking out of my shirt. This photo was taken a few weeks ago...they're growing every day!And finally, I just LOVE this boy, but I think his horns are going fatal. His mom is Minwawe Magnolia, and I just love his cute fuzzeriffice face! He's got crimp coming in and he's modified...and his fleece is UBER soft. And he's starting to get tame...so might wether him anyway and sneak him in the flock...'Sure mom, SHE'S just got horns.....' lol