Monday, May 24, 2010

The bad blogger is back...kind of?

:D Hi guys! Long time no...seeing you read me? lol. ANYWAY...Lambing is in full swing. Unfortunately, it's looking like Philemon isn't a big spot thrower, though I have gotten once nice set of spots so far. And we ran out of tags yesterday...which is unfortunate because most of the lambs look alike, lots of moorit krunets or solid moorits. Some beautiful babies though, wow.
Nice tails and nice rears and nice fleeces! This is either Disas or Gails ram or ewe lamb and Marions kat ram lamb.

Here's a fleece shot of Marions boy. Mmmmmmm....

Polkas twin ewe lambs. Both will *likely* be for sale, but we'll see :)

Bejig's twins. She has got to be the best momma there is! Hopefully both twins are going to go modified like she is. Of course the ram lamb is the prettier one.

This little gem, whom I've already deemed is going to be North Star Tigerseye is a LOVELY modified little dear out of Rhiannon. Looks like she's going to be mioget and her brother fawn (different shades). Anyone have an opinion on her? LOVE the short crimpy fleece!

Torrent and her brand new baby as of last night. I didn't want to disturb her, so I didn't check the sex yet. I wonder if she's homozygous katmoget? She's thrown 2 gulkats bred to gulmogets & a kat bred to a solid for me, so far. She usually singles, but she hadn't passed the afterbirth when we left, so fingers crossed!

Frigga & her ewe lamb.

Magnolia and her twins., one of each.

Polka and one of her girls.

Bejig and her goons again.

And now for dessert....mmm....

March had twin boys(unfortunately) Looks like both are going to be AG, but look at these spots!

And...for all you polled breeders out there...both parents were poll carriers, and both boys only have leathery patches on their heads so far..... :) They both have fuzzy baby coats, but underneath that is soft, gorgeous, crimpy wool!

And what the heck? These aren't sheep, but they sure are damn cute :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Total blogging slacker...

I am SO sorry. My offline life has been very hectic lately. Updates: Kumani is getting HUGE...I still need to post her original post, just haven't gotten time. Sommarang Disa and Gail both delivered SOLID ( *pouts* ) moorit lambs, a boy and a girl. Both look gorgeous! Will post photos of them soon as well. Had to move back shearing, it was raining on our shearing day. Am going to have ewes with lambs at sides for sale to make room to keep some of the ewe lambs from this year, and am also looking for one or two really nice white ewes/ewe lambs. Would LOVE more gulmogets, but we'll see what the budget holds. I've got my eyes on a couple ewes, but need to move some out and makes some $ before setting anything in stone. Haven't had much time to work on artwork either, so art blog is lacking as well. So sorry :( I'll get back into the swing of things soon guys, I swear.