Sunday, June 29, 2008

For Sale!

Check out my sales blog in the links to the right to see what's for sale right now! I'm open to offers and trades!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random fun photos :)

If anyone is a horsey color expert (or knows anything lol) I would love the opinion on both the foals coloring. Above...Dun appaloosa? He's got a nice blanket across his butt, you'll have to enlarge the photo to see though. Mom is above, blue roan and white pinto :)

Thor on the bale in the cart...
King of the mountain!
Pakky with her idea on his color.

Another photo of Pakkys colt.

One of the Cavalier pups, mom named them "Liza Menelli (sp??) and Madonna" Above is Liza
Here's Madonna :)
Clouds on Saturday.
Where's Waldo?! Okay, it's not Waldo, but try and find the humming bird male! hehehehe
Very pretty double rainbow over the farm...didn't notice it was a double until I looked at the photos again! lol

Freyja and momma, Tasha.
She is soooo elegant!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

No new computer yet...

But! My dear boyfriend bought me the parts to get me started. We would have possibly had it up and running by my birthday (tomorrow, 20th) but he had to order a new power supply because mine is too ancient to use...wrong connectors or some technical jargon. But I should have it soon! Yay! It's just so darn frusterating not having access to any of my stuff...I'm lucky I remember the log in to my blog! lol. I have no email addresses other than the people that have emailed me since my computers mental breakdown *sigh* And time to haul hay this weekend, yay! lol. Luckily we're still getting it for $3 a bale...they had some god awful amount like 2000 bales or something, because between my mom's friend and us, I'm sure we've taken nearly 1000, and I know they've had other customers. Hopefully they'll keep the same price or only slightly raise it this year *crosses fingers* Anyway, back to bed for me. I've had this killer headache all night/day...Need to rid myself of it!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Meet North Star Forseti!

Happy to announce Likei's first son! This is North Star Forseti. Unfortunately he is not currently able to be NASSA registered, but he's gorgeous just the same! Very nice thick eye flashes just like his daddy, which I LOVE. Winter Sky Karma is his momma :)

And here's a couple updated photos of North Star Frigga. SHe's growing like a weed, as are all the other lambs, but the rest of the photos need to be cropped before I'll post them, lots of excess crap in the photo that doesn't need to be there...i.e. other sheepy legs, water pails, etc. lol She's so feminine and elegant, I just adore this little girl!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Computer mental breakdown....

Well, my frankenstein machine finally kicked the bucket. We think it's either the motherboard, the power supply or possibly a failed connection. I've been having problems with it for a while, I'd power it down, and it wouldn't start again for like a 1/2 hour to and hour...well yesterday it shut down by itself and we got it to start up twice, but then Denny started trying to fix it, and it just went kaput. Sooooo...anyone wanna buy some sheep? lol. I want my computer back! It's so sad to see a 21'' flat pannel monitor going to waste on my desk ;-) LOL

Monday, June 9, 2008

What's in a name...?

Oh mom reminded me "Didn't you have a naming system this year...?" lol. So I suppose I should stick with my naming system, eh? So I'm going to go with North Star Frigga, the goddess of the sky. She kinda looks like a white fluffy cloud! hehehe.

Also, I now have a sales blog! Now I just need to work on a website! hehehe.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

North Star....?

Look at this cute new addition! Minwawe Polka had a beautiful little GIRL yesterday :) Help me name her! Dottie? Ink Blot (Inky! lol)? Give me suggestions! :) Have to find out what her daddies name was from Peeps, maybe that'll help some! Anyway, enjoy the photos!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One more thing..

I forgot to mention what a WONDERFUL job our shearer did. Apparently he even attended a shearing competition last year and got "Best Pen" For the best looking sheep after shearing. Very few cuts, all minor ones. He charged $3 a head on the sheep and $25 a head on the llamas and alpacas. Very reasonable, I thought, considering gas prices. They took any sheeps wool I didn't want, and his wife helped me bag and tag all the wool. Speaking of which, I'm going to try to start skirting all the fleeces soon, and will post the raw wool as it becomes available. Anyone have any good places to send wool to be processed into roving? Or spun for that matter since I haven't gotten that far in my adventure in sheep yet (I got time! :D)? I'm not sure how great he was on second cuts, as I haven't had that many shearers come out to compare him with. He was also very gentle with our old ewes, Willow and Gillian. I mentioned to be careful with them as, being as old as they are, they probably have very thin skin and could cut very easily. I don't think either had any cuts, and were shorn to the skin, like everyone else :) I think Lottie and Kizzy had the most cuts, not sure why though, neither were overly squirmy. It was so funny to listen and watch the lambs going "WHERE'S MY MOMMY?!" lol. I really want to set up a better catch pen before next year though, but we'll see where that goes :)

Nekkid sheepies! lol

Beautiful nekkid sheepies! It was so worth staying up for 32 hours straight and sleeping for 16 the next day lol. I was in such a rush when the shearer got to the house, and he was in a hurry, that I didn't get micron samples on the girls I wanted to sample :( Oh well, there's always in the fall :)

Beautiful Likei, all shorn. Look at those appaloosa spots on his rump! So purdy!

My mom kept raving over Isaac, saying how beautiful he looked. I'm not one for iset, but he sure is pretty. Isaac is available for sale, NASSA registered, proven spot thrower. Look at that cute white spot on his nose he's developing! lol

Minwawe Magnolia (Maggie)

The rest of the Minwawe crew. Curly Locks, Spearmint in the back, and Polka to the right. Polka is preggers and due within the next couple weeks...I'm SO excited! Anxiously awaiting micron tests back as well on these girls.

Bramble Gillian, looking quite good for her old age.

North Star Freyja off to the upper left of the photo, with North Star Embla and her mother LittleRedOak Gretel, and North Star Iduna on the right. Embla is available after weaning for sale, has a wooly tail, but her momma has a fairly nice tail. The other three are retained.

Konnel looks NOTHING like herself! And unfortunately, she didn't take this year :(

River Oaks Isaac, River Oaks Tasha and her daughter Freyja. Tasha and Freyja are both staying.

Sheepy Hollow Peoney and her son, North Star Atli. Atli is available for sale after weaning.

The babydoll is nekkid! lol. After her looking like a giant marshmallow, it sure is different!

Even the llamas and alpacas got shorn! That was very interesting...

I'm suprised Passion even came up to say hi after that adventure!

Pretty alpacas with poofs for tails :)

Sigmund. He'll likely be available as a wether.

Pretty Thor. He's got a longer tail though :(

Another photo of Iduna, very pretty girl. :)

Another very pretty girl! :)

And it was such a nice day, Gary was struttin' for his girl, Annie. It's funny to watch the younger male strut with no train yet...hehehe.

And last but not least, just a cute photo of Anisa, cuz she's adorable :)

I will be getting more photos of the lambs and ewes that are available as time goes on, but it was getting pretty late and starting to rain when I took those photos :)