Thursday, October 24, 2013

Did you know....?

That the worlds largest pumpkin record comes from Stillwater, MN?  The pumpkin weighed  1810 lbs and 8 ounces!  I think that would take the sheep MAYBE a week to devour.  Do your sheep like pumpkins?  What about your other animals?  Pumpkins are high in minerals and vitamins, so think about giving some autumn treats to your critters!  

Friday, October 11, 2013

New computer

Well, my computer finally died, and this new one is a PAIN!  It has Windows 8 and it's just crap, I hate it.  So needless to say, no pictures on this post.  I'm going to try to start posting once a month at the very minimum, so don't give up on me!  lol. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Why is it always the boys???

Why is it always the boys that are so FREAKING tame?  I can't go out in the pen without getting mobbed by Rak'nor and Anteaus for attention.  I never coddled them, they were dam raised, the only thing I can think of is they learned it through us bottling the bottle lambs and seeing how they got attention.  But NONE of the girls are obnoxious, even the one bottle baby isn't!  She takes her bottle and then runs away lol.  *sigh*  I really hope Rak'nor and Anteaus get good homes.  Anteaus is JUST now starting to get very minor horn growth, so he would be awesome for a polled program, very tiny crimp and he's spotted to boot!  And Rak'nor isn't what I'm looking for in a ram, but he could be what someone else is, his fleece is going to be longer, with wide, but nice, crimp with high luster and its very soft so far.  Plus he's a light badger face.  I'm keeping his half brother Teal'c and hoping for a shorter single coated fleece.  Hoping to work on some lamb fleece shots maybe Monday, because tomorrow is supposed to be record highs again!  UGH!  Please, if you have rain, send it our way....we are soooo dry! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Up and coming boys!

 Above is Mr. Aris Bock, bounty hunter...hehehe.  He's a lovely boy, wasn't real receptive about being held, well, none of the boys were!  He's a lovely boy, black based katmoget, 3 white socks and a white dobber on his head.  Lovely boy! 
 This is Bra'tak!  He is a moorit light badger face.  Lovely fleece coming in!  LOVE his tail :)

This is Omoc...he is a grey CVM.  He does have tiny scurs, his other brother had thumb sized scurs when he left for his home last year. 

The Shetland boys are both ready to go, Omoc needs at least another month.  :)  Please email or post on the facebook page if you're interested! :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Evaluating, For Sale page, etc

Well I just updated the For Sale page of my blog...I'm really hoping to get a website up one of these days :)  Please feel free to browse :) 

Okay, evaluating....It's tough!  I'd love opinions on these lambs I'm thinking about keeping... The good, the bad AND the ugly :)  This is just a sampling, hoping to take more photos soon :) 

 Okay, I know these aren't  But these are two of my yearlings, Annatto & Chicory.  Annattos fleece is longer, and so I'm debating on selling her.  Chicory will be staying, she microned very nice and threw an adorable lamb :) 

 This is Brenna.  She's one of the ewe lambs I'm debating on.  Thoughts?

 This is Kynthia.  I absolutely think she's adorable!  I plan on keeping her... Any comments? 

 This little mite is Reese.  This is Raja, one of my best ewes, daughter.  Raja is in the top picture with her.  Spotted Katmoget X Spotted Katmoget, and what do I get?  Solid moorit...although if you look at her rump, she may be going fawn?  Opinions?  I just love everything about this little ewe lamb....

 This is Teal'c.  I'm hoping to keep this little boy.  He's been slow growing, but I think he'll catch up soon enough, his daddy is a beast! 

This is Drey'auc & her momma Zaria.  She's a little different style, but I think she has her merrits.  What do you think? 
Okay, I give up for the night.  I'm having trouble making it work!! lol.  Stupid blog.  Still lots of updating to do!  :) 

Saturday, July 6, 2013


WOW are we out of date here on the blog!  I'm updating the For Sale page first, and then I will continue with all the other pages :) 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oh my goodness, it's been so long!  How I've missed you all!!!!! 

I've finally jumped from dialup where I couldn't even ACCESS this site, to MiFi through Verizon, which is the best thing I've ever done!  Wish I would have done it sooner!!!  It's amazing! 

Okay!  Some quick updates!

Lambing season is officially OVER as of yesterday.  Delta ended it with a beautiful CVM ram lamb! 

Here he is!  Isn't he gorgeous?!  This years theme was Stargate SG:1 for names, so I have to pick him out a name from the list.  I'm thinking Omoc!  What do you think?!

Flock average for microns this year was 26.4!  I'm SOOOO PROUD of my flock!  Average SD was 6.0 and CV was 22.9!  So happy with my results!  I will post individual results later!

I will be posting more regularly again now!  I hope I didn't loose all my readers in the interim....

Have a wonderful day everyone!!