Sunday, October 26, 2008

Utter cuteness...

They no longer want the pocket....they want the entire shirt and jacket! lol. I had babies in my sleeve...inside my my BRA! lol. The girls were being naughty today lol. Runtley finally opened his eyes. My little fuzzy face girl (the solid siamese) is just a honey...the piebald girl is sweet, but on the go go go! That's the piebald hanging out of my shirt on the bottom, and the solid girl with her tail out in the top pic. :)

It's fall :(

This is the tree in our leaves! :(

And, after a month getting bred back, Banshee and her filly are back home. The filly is a real LOOKER. She's absolutely stunning. She's probably gonna get taller than momma, and momma is big for a mare. She's likely going to be dun, just like dad. Probably eligible for the Paint Association, but I'd have to look at the markings. We are going to be offering the pair for sale, as well as the father of this filly (not ours, but listing for a friend) who is out of one of the best roping QH's in the US ever. Banshee is 23, but has her teeth, eats hay and grass like a trooper, has never needed extra feed. Super easy keeper. My mom is an ABSOLUTE amature at hoof trimming, and Banshee stands without a problem for her. I can go out and mess with her feet, lean on her, everything. One mother/daughter pair came out to look at her, 13 year old girl went right up on her back and Banshee didn't bat an eye. I have her pedigree if anyone's interested :) She really is a good horse, but neither my mom nor I have time for riding yet, and she's a sound rider yet. I've had horse people come out and guess her age no more than the mid-teens...She's in awesome condition.

And gorgeous to boot! :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Precious girls

Some pretty photos of Izzy and Anisa :) Izzy usually isn't very photogenic but I think these photos do her some justice :)

*yawn* lol

OMG open eyes!

This is one of my girls peeking out of my pocket a few minutes ago :)

She blinked in this one! lol
The two colored boys are SUPER active today. SUPER cute too :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

The baby rats are growing!

My little sweeties are growing up! No open eyes yet, but they're getting there! Got some more updates from the breeder...he can't believe there are no siamese! Anyway, enjoy the photos! :)
Oh, and they do look to be like all dumbos...the ears are starting to come up! Way cute! :)

Yes, she's half way up my

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New pics!

As always, click to bigify :)

Boy, there's one little one that's a stinker already! They are sure quick this early in life...well, at least he is. There's one little runty I'm babying...hehehe. Anyway, new pics! I'm sad cuz I dont' think I have any Siamese...I'll take a shot at guessing colors :)

Masked dalmation?

This is my little cute huh? Berkshire maybe?

Berky x 4, and one masked? I have no clue, just wild stabs in the dark. The big dark one on the far left is the little rascal!

As for actual colors (i.e. black, blue, brown, etc) I have no clue.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Update on the rittens...ratties...babies! lol

They are now 4 days old and growing fast! They are 5th generation Siamese I found out, but there may still be some suprises in the litter. Far as I can tell, it looks like I may have 3 Berkshire, 1 Dalmation and 3 Siamese. Now, I'm a noob at this, but I'm just looking for dark patches. I was looking at colors today...there are some REALLY cute colors! Masked are just adorable.

Here's some links if you want to see the colors:

I was actually thinking my "Siamese" may be a Himalayan, because I think she's pure white, not creme. Hmmm...more reserch to do :)

I think I'm just keeping my mind busy so I don't stress about breeding I had a dream last night that I had a scurred moorit gulmoget ram who gathered up half of my ewes and took off down the road with them, I had to run miles to get them back. And then my breeding schedual was thrown off because I didn't know if he'd bred any of

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Meet the kitty...

About a month ago, my moms friend gave us two manx 1/2 tailed kittens. Both sisters, Slinky is blue, and Smokey is a shaded black. Super sweet, hilarious is Slinky's adventure in the sheep pen with me today...

"WOW you're big!"
I absolutely adore this photo...Thor is so gentle. He just smelled Slinky...unlike someone else...

Slinky on the left side of me...
Iduna says "BAD KITTY GO AWAY!"

Iduna chases the cat under the quonset hut which needs to be put up yet. Slinky on the right side of me.
Slinky - "Ha ha! You can't get me up here!"

Iduna - "But Mmmooooommmm....*I* wanna be in your lap!"

Lots of sheepie photos!

Do Si Do
Lyra, Do Si Do, and Bejig
Mopsy II
Do Si Do in front, then Merry Go Round, then Bejig
Mopsy II
Rifle man...Slater just won't hold still long enough for a good photo!
Salida again
Tansy and Tyr
Freyja standing
Forseti showing off his very little side dusting...yay!
Iduna doing what she does best...begging...
Thor and Torrent
Goldie and Magnolia
Lapacho and her little boy, and Konnel in the backround.
Curly Locks passed out in the nice warm sun...with that cold wind today, it looked inviting to nap in the sun!
Kimia and her daughter Swanhild
Nanna, poor decrepid Peoney with her bad eye, and Rhiannon
Peek-a-boo Babydoll :)
And Kizzy and her girls.