Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a very merry Christmas season! Although I'm sitting here listening to hard rock (Distubred - Down with the Sickness at the I'm starting to get the Christmas tunes stuck in my head. It's usually sickening to listen to them because being in retail, I start hearing them about 2 months in advance of December...Yeah...Not cool! lol.

Anyway, some fun things coming up/happening in my life!

Got ticket to the Three Days Grace/Breaking Benjamin/Flyleaf concert! SOOO excited. Missed TDG & BB last time they were here in Duluth, was sooo sad. The last time I saw Breaking Benjamin was when they were a no name band with Evanescence at the St. Cloud college and it was just after Denny and I started dating...he actually bought me the tickets before we started dating (Christmas present). They are some very good bands, and I am very excited!

Got the breeding pens together FINALLY! White Pine Philemon has been with Disa, Gail, Wendy & Chalmeaux since he came home, so they should all have earlier babies, but boy did he get a big suprise last night when he got put in the BIG pen with most of the girls! He was one HAPPY boy! lol. Lightning & Woody got put in with each others mothers, in hopes for full poll lambs...that should make some of you poll breeders VERY happy, as these guys should throw GORGEOUS babies! Lightning is a grey kamoget and he is in with March who is a Musket, possibly modified (she's a very neat color). Woody is an Ag Fawn Katmoget, and he is in with Cornet who is a gulmoget...Crossing my fingers for a gulkat! Wouldn't it be fun to get a full poll, uber soft & crimpy, Ag gulkat ram? Although a ewe would be nice too ;-) Philemon got the rest of the girls minus Goldie. Which comes to another, although sad, story.

Likei is no longer top any means. They knocked him down and would have made mince meat out of him had mom not been there, so he got moved to a seperate pen, and now has Goldie for company and a lil' lovin, since she produced such a GORGEOUS spotted gulmoget ewe lamb last spring.

Silver & Goldie

Likei will likely live out the rest of his days at the farm, as mom is SUPER attached to him. I do admit, he's been our best ram. Never once put his head down towards us, even in the ewe pen. Mom never had to worry about him in his years here. Can't say that about ANY other ram we've had. Although mom gets a kick out of Philemon...She was worried at first because he was always crowding her, but he was just wanting a scratch and to be close to her because she is the "grain bringer" lol.

So, I thought Philemon was MORE than enough of a Christmas a couple days ago, mom starts mentioning that she's getting me ANOTHER BIG present...I kind of had an inkling the way she'd been talking about our neighbor lady A LOT lately...our neighbor lady who likes to SPIN...our neighbor lady who has voulnteered her wheels for me to come SPIN on to try them out...low and behold...what does mom bring over yesterday?

Spoiled do you think? lol! It's a homemade wheel, but Carol even says it's WAY better than her first wheel ever was...*sigh* What ever shall I do with my mother...besides hug her :) lol. So now I need to watch some videos on Youtube so I can try to figure out what I'm doing...She also sent over some Corridale roving! Nice lady :) Apparently Moose Lake has open spinning sometimes in the evenings, and Carol thinks if I bring my wheel one of the ladies can get me started. Very excited to start spinning!

And this is for Ginny...her favorite ewe lamb of mine...well, at least the only one she's ever mentioned!

This is Dory, Torrent X Likei. Cute little fuzzy gulkat. She's open crimped, and feels pretty soft when I've gotten ahold of her. Unfortunately not registerable :( But a gorgeous gulkat nonetheless.

Anyway, I think I'm going to try to get some things done today. I hope everyone has a great Christmas!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Free Chicken nesting box!

Excellent giveaway on A free nesting box! Go, sign up now!! :) I'll blog later for real :)