Saturday, June 2, 2012

Back from the grave!

WOW has blogger changed since I last blogged, which was far too long ago.  I apologize to those who like to read my blog, we've been busy and having technical difficulties.  :) 

We're rounding up lambing season here, had a few yearlings who accidentally got caught, and so will have some unregistered lambs available for sale later in the year.  Using a Romeldale ram as a crossing sire was awesome, the lambs are growing in leaps and bounds, and their fleeces are to die for.  We did have a two year old just lamb too, but that's what we get for leaving the rams in too late :)  lol. 

Adam and are permanently out at the farm now, which feels GREAT, except that we still have to finish moving and storing things in the rental shed and bringing a little more back here, like tools and stuff.  I still have to dig my garden there, no one can have my plants!  :D  lol. 

I still hate dialup.  :)  Loading pictures is really a pain on here, but between here and Facebook, I will try to keep you all updated on the goings on :) 

We finished calving yesterday.  6 heifers to 2 bulls (well, now steers *snickers*), so if anyone is looking for beef cattle to raise, we'll likely be selling some of the heifers privately, rather than shipping them.  One is BLUE, she's beautiful and will be staying, as well as a black white face heifer who is massively built. 

About a month ago, my computer crashed and wouldn't restart.  There was a corrupted file in Windows, and we had to bring it into a shop to get it fixed.  I was biting my nails and nearly gave myself an ulcer worrying about if my pictures and stuff would be lost or not.  Luckily it wasn't, that's probably 10 or more years of my life on here :)  We do need to upgrade it, and I need to start backing up everything so I don't need to panic from now on.  I will start trying to blog on my weekends, or maybe Saturdays while Adam's at work, and try to do it once a week.  Although, I will try to blog tomorrow because something really neat is happening in a few hours....

But, I will leave you in suspense now ;D 

I would leave you with photos, but I don't have my editing software on my computer yet, and so it takes an hour to upload one photo.  Seriously.  I just tried it.  Started uploading, fed the baby, and came back over a half hour later and one photo wasn't even half done loading.  *sigh*  I can't wait until we get some bills paid down and can get satellite :D