Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another addition!

Meet North Star Nanna. Nanna, in Norse Mythology, was the wife to Balder, the god of joy, spring, peace and joy. She was born to River Oaks Issac and Bramble Lottie (F1 Minder).

And that little lump of lamb she's sniffing in the corner is just North Star Freyja taking a snooze in the warm sun!

"Hey! Get out of my sunlight!" Freyja says...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pacing and waiting...

I'm home now...went back to my mom's again last night to check on the babies and help with chores, plus we "hand sheared" Willow with a pair of sissors...she looks awful! But I want nice fleece this year from her...Need to get a coat. So yeah...I have a meeting for work in the morning at 7:15, and then I'm heading straight back to moms to check on everyone. Tasha had Freyja in a good spot, but I think Gretel and Embla were just randomly out in the pen. I can't wait to have my own place and have everything set up the way I think it should be. It will be Shetland Heaven! But until then, I have to suffer with my mothers lack of space for jugs and stupid chickens in the barn where I want the jugs :) Oh well. Here's some cute mother/daughter photos I took this afternoon.

And here's one of Embla hiding in the hay at my feet.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Ahhh...what's in a name? I suppose I could have mentioned that this years theme was Norse Mythology. I believe the girls will be named "North Star Freyja" and "North Star Embla". Freyja is the goddess of love, fertility and a wealth of other things, which I hope that little spotted bouncing bundle of baby goodness will be full of. Embla was the first woman, and also kind of reminded me of the word "ember" which sounded good for the little black of Gretels'.


I HAD LAMBS!!! :) River Oaks Issac is a daddy today! I was walking to the pens and seen Bramble Lottie and River Oaks Tasha laying down...and then see this...

YAY FOR ME!!! Upon further inspection, I find LittleRedOak Gretel with this wonderful little package...

BOTH GIRLS!!!! :) WOOT WOOT! What a way to start the lambing season!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Is it February again?!

Absolutely disgusting! I walked outside around 4am from work, looked around and said "I hope it stays this way!" It was 34 degrees....and apparently, at about 4:30, it plumeted to below freezing...and the snow began. It's a white awful mess out there. The chicken swap still went on though! Nearly every hen that was at the swap was sold by the time I left at 10. Mom is staying til Noon probably. So many people for such crappy weather! :) But me with my cold, I had to leave...I feel like crap. Time for soup and sleep I think. No sheepies yet...which I guess I'm glad for now! Will start soon though, but hopefully after it dries up a bit :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I'm REALLY hoping someone pops tonight...Peoney is SO huge...She looks like a tick about to explode...Her back end is really swollen, and she sunk since earlier in the week, so I'm thinking maybe tonight being the low pressure system went through.

Had our first calf of the year born! She's a solid red heifer calf, born to Kerry, who's out of Dream Lady, our first cow. Kerry isn't a REAL attentive mother, but she's young yet (only 3), so she'll learn. We had to carry the calf in out of the weather because she was shaking so violently from the cold...and the doorknob was STANDING IN WATER! lol. Bad Kerry, don't let the baby stand in water on a cold day! But as of this evening when I talked to my mom, the calf was "bouncing" and playing a bit, so she must have gotten enough colostrum in her. I'll try to get photos maybe this weekend (especially if lambs come!)

Going to the Clinton Town Hall animal swap in the morning...woohoo! I suppose though, i should probably go back to work...Came home for lunch...had grilled, but now cold, NY Strip steak :D mmmmm

Friday, April 18, 2008


Dammit! Called another shearer who's 2 hours away...and his message machine was full! *sigh* The other guy never called me he must not be coming this way again. Anyone know any good shearers? *sigh*

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sheepies sheepies sheepies!

Likei and his magnificent horns and all his shedding wool :(
Tansy and Peoney
Goldie (X ewe)
Konnel takes such nice photos...
Gretel and Kimia
Stately looking Konnel
What are YOU looking at?! Yeah, so what if I'm fat!
Lapacho and Tansy
Kimia and Konnel

Most of my unregistered girls will be for if you're interested, I'll let you know who's who.

For Sale - RiverOaks Issac

Out of Bramble Diana(moorit) and Minwawe Donder(black yuglet/sokket). Born June 2006. Well mannered ram, LOVES cookies...Will follow you around the world for a cookie. Is still a ram, and will get onery during breeding season, but usually if he looks like he's going to get cranky, just scratch him under the chin and he'll wag his tail for forever. Very stately looking ram, and should produce very nice babies, but he bred a good majority of my girls this year, so he's looking for a new home! Would be willing to do some trading maybe? Contact me for more info :)

Coralie and....?

We're still trying to pick out a name for Coralie's filly. Issac Winks is the father (our appaloosa stud). I liked Star...She likes Leah (blah). Maybe Sally, ask in Mustang Sally? She kinda looks like a little mustang with her buckskin coloring. Maybe Danika? It means Morning Star in Slavic? I duno, we'll debate some more I imagine. hehehe. Anyway! Here's some photos of the cutie! Liberty (Libby) is in the first photo with them. She is a blue roan paint. Coralie is a palamino.


Well, Gary thinks it's spring, that's for sure!

Below is a little Bantam Partidge Wyandotte hen.
One of my mom's Lavender splash call hens.
Spring is in the air! Baby Giant Runts!
Haley(chocolate/white) and Meeka. Meeka is Anisa's (my pom) full sister. Haley was born to my mothers little tiny 5 lb black Pomeranian, Gemma, last year. She's a full year old next month (I believe) and weighs just over 3 lbs! Such a tiny little fart!
But oh so cute! I see the little rats stole a piece of twine to play with again...My mom said one of the things she misses most about Izzy (my dog now living in town with me) is when she goes out to pull the plastic twine off the big round hay bales, there's no one tugging on the other end! lol
This is Bug...She's a little turd of a kitty, has a 1/4 tail, super cute because she flicks it all over the place all the seems almost like it's an antenna picking up
One of my painted conures, ZZ(Zaizan). Maya is a little more camera shy. ZZ and Maya are bonded, but I haven't set them up for breeding. ZZ is VERY outgoing and is trying to talk, I swear he said "Hello" to me one day, but it was so gravely I could hardly understand.
My mom's blue red Cubalaya rooster.

Puppies and kitties!

Bella had puppies! Purebred Cavalier King Charles pups. Little tri girl, and one of each in the Blenheim. Very cute puppies!

AAANNNDDD...Mayhem had kittens! THREE calico manx and 1 tailed calico and 1 tailed black and more than likely 4 girls and a boy. One of the calico manx will be staying at the farm for sure.

Two of the tailless girls.
The tailed calico.
The tailed black & white.

And the proud momma! Taking it easy...and getting in the way as usual...she's sitting on one of the haybales for the sheep lol.