Monday, October 26, 2009

Da boys...

Everyone was in for the day on a dreary morning a week or so ago, so I took some photos! The young boys let me in their pen with no problems, but I just stayed in the back so as not to cause any problems. Plus, Robin Hood & Rifle are quite naughty, and like to take not so nice shots at

Robin Hood & Lightning (Both Blues sons)

Everyones names are on them if you want to biggify and look. Marlin, Mickey and Pluto are for sale at the moment, though Pluto may be going to the butcher barn, not sure yet.
Beautiful Peter Pan! Keeping a close eye on his horns. They're looking good so far, but want to make sure they STAY looking good. I have high hopes for this young man :)
Even though I've always preferred horns...these two have stolen my heart. Lightning McQueen & Woody. Woody is Ag as well.
Beautiful Lightning! I ADORE his face. And he's SUCH a sweetheart!
Thor and Rifle demanding attention...and even though it looks like they're the same size, they're not. Rifle is just a mite compared to Thor, he's fooling us by standing in the wall feeder lol.
Thor & Peter. You can kind of see Peters faded facial markings here, he's a spottie :)
Arturo & Likei being NAUGHTY! They only do a little barn bashing when breeding season starts coming around, and even then it's nothing to shake a stick at compared to what I've seen some rams do. I'm SO glad I've been so lucky with boys.

"Bye Mom! Come back soon for more loving!"

Most of my older boys will be getting someone. I have some VERY nice boys available at the moment. Please contact me if you're looking for a nice boy to introduce to some ladies :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Dammit Eryn, you jinxed me!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Baaaaddd blogger...

I'm sorry! :( I've been having lots of problems lately, including being sick for about the last three weeks, and just haven't had the mental capabilities to blog. Anyway! Better late than never, right?

Mom and I had a BLAST. We got there in time to chit chat with some people, help Garrett round up his loose Shetlands :) and see some of the vendors. We were planning on sleeping in the truck, but Lori Stephenson of Sommarang Farm was nice enough to offer us a bed at her house instead. So we putzed around, went to eat with Nancy, Juliann, Gail, and a few of their friends at this super cute little eattery in town. Great food! I think mom and I may make that a tradition...because she TOLD me that Jefferson is GOING to be a tradition now, because she is going to be showing sheep, wether I like it or not LOL. Instead of going home with just the three I was picking up from Juli(Shetlering Pines Chalmeaux, Robin Hood & Maid Marion out of Sheltering Pines Arabesque X WinterTime Blues), I ended up purchasing a ewe I've been *literally* drooling over for nearly two years now from Lori. Her name is Sommarang Disa, and I have just loved her look from the first time Garrett showed me Lori's website. I also purchased her daughter, Gail. Photos in the blog to follow. But anyway, I met lots of lovely people, though unfortunately I got Emmy's call too late to hook up with her friend to get one of her corgi's siblings photos. I bought a needle felting kit, and a drop spindle kit...I am now officially addicted to needle felting! I haven't even touched the spindle kit yet :( lol Doesn't help with being sick and all. If you go to my art blog, I put up a photo of my first creation! Anyway...on to the photos! As always, click to biggefy!

There was a whole pen of these ADORABLE little lambs that were just born...I just wanted to scoop them all up and take them home! Can anyone elaborate on what breeds they were?

I <3 Spots!
Lookee the spots! :)
And then this, I'd heard of 6 horns on the rams, but on the ewes too?! Amazing. Just gorgeous!

Garrett and Briony...Garrett's sporting a LOVELY new fashion this year... an ankle brace and a plastic bag! lol. This is G showing his beautiful BFL ram lamb.

Woolsy getting comfortable next to my beautiful bag I bought from the NASSA booth. They're very durable, I use mine all the time now. I actually went back and bought a second the next day because I liked it so much!

I believe this is the Juniors class.
I am in love with this ewe of Lori Stephensons...but of course, it's a gulkat! :)

Panoramic of the juniors class.

Mature ram class
Letty Klein speaking about the rams. She did a lot of that, talking...lots and lots...
Poor Corinne waiting for Letty Klein...She looks so bored, doesn't she? Hehehe

Beautiful boy!Yearling rams
Ram yearlings

Bad ram yearlings not

Juli's Ram lamb...what a cutie!
Aren't they adorable? :)
I <3 Gulmogets!
Champion ram
A Sommarang bred GORGEOUS little boy...the owners were going to neuter him for a pet because he's a bottle baby, but Letty Klein strongly advised Lori to talk to the owners and to use him for breeding. He was stunning!
Ewe class
Lori with her adult katmoget ewe
Yearling class I think?
Juli with Marion
The whole ewe lamb class

Marion ALMOST got best fleece on hoof...Letty kept going back between that super nice little ram lamb of Lori's neighbors, one of Under The Son's and Maid Marion...Theresa's little ram lamb was GORGEOUS as well...Lori cleaned up by winning most of the classes, and this single coated katmoget ewe above took most of the ribbons, I believe. I don't know why I don't have photos of the group classes, but Lori took the small flock class too :) Congrats Sommarang Farm!

Oh yeah! And I won a lovely shawl in the MSSBA auction. Juli's friend said she was going to outbid me, but let me have it cuz I'd put like...8 bids on it lol. I absolutely love it! I had an allaround great time, and can't wait til next year!