Monday, May 23, 2011

4/14 Shearing day!

Shearing day went off without a hitch...kinda. The weather SUCKED! It was SO cold, we were all wearing sweatshirts AND jackets! Our previous shearing day had been rained out, so we weren't going to give this one up as it was hard enough to get it rescheduled. I was too cold to take many :)
I think this is Aurora getting shorn.
Even Babydoll got a haircut! LOOK AT THAT BAG! lol. She looks like a fricking dairy cow this year, it's crazy. And only had twins! She's definitely
Calico colored ground after shearing that light fluffy alpaca wool in 30 mph
Even Willie got shorn! This is his reaction.....scary, I know. Willie the billy prides himself in terrorizing the public....*shudder*
NEKKID GURLZZ!!! I was pretty happy with everyones condition. A few could have used a few more groceries, but are now fine now that they're on grass.
Ahh the scrap wool pile....wait a minute....what's that?
CUTE wool scraps! lol. Biggify if you can't see what I'm talking about in the middle of the photo. They blended right it, it was hilarious :)


The 13th was a historic day at the Funny Farm! But first, I just love this picture of 3 day old "Gift"...she is such a cutie!

Anyway, the 13th was when we had our first set of triplets! Ever! We were planning on shearing that weekend, so we had been sorting everyone for taking fleece samples. They hadn't been run very much, just enticed into the pen with grain and hay and the doors slammed on them lol. But Charm decided to pop out the triplets in a span of less than 20 minutes. We literally had locked everyone up to settle down for a few, ran in the house to eat, and came back out and in 15-20 minutes she had 3 little boys all cleaned off and trying to nurse.

2 white and one grey katmoget. Thor is the father. The little katmoget who was the smallest, and the smallest of the white boys had a hard time attaching to that nipple, so needless to say, they came in the house for the night and took bottles like troopers!

"Dis MY brother...."

They were put out with momma every day for the first three days, then the little katmoget went to live at a former classmates home with her family! Jojo is now doing well, and HIGHLY spoiled, she even texted me the other day to find out when his birthday is so he can get cake next year :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lambing (Continued, and pic heavy)

Okay! To continue!

RYL Konnel was in the polled pen, just to see if she was a possible carrier...and I think that's negative. The ram lamb born, Gazebo, has HUGE horn buds.

Not to be out done, my lovely Torrent had twins, a boy and a girl. The ewe lamb, Gift, is a sweet little katmoget, I believe she's modified, as her main fleece is almost white. Goblet, the ram lamb, is a gulmoget. Goblet will be for sale, but Gift, along with every other Torrent lamb, will be retained. I LOVE this line. :) Goblet is as of now, unregistered, but that could change.

And, not to be out done again..... North Star Wendy had a BEAUTIFUL little spotted girl, Lace. Lacey is beautiful, I just love her patterning. She's a goon. She will be staying.

The next day, the 11th, DeeJay and Banner(I didn't name him) were born! DeeJay is so named because he's got BLING! :) FirthofFifth Rhiannon is a proud momma :)
I thought DeeJay was black a first, but if you enlarge, he's actually a VERY dark brown. Maybe modified dark brown? Mom is mioget & dad was emsket, sooooo.... :)

Anyway, that's all for today. I gotta get to bed! Oh! And a photo of the yaks for Becky!

Finally! :) (Pic heavy)

Finally some photos! I am SO sorry to everyone, I've just been going nuts over everything, and going 20 ways at once!

Less talk, more lambs!

Here is North Star Iduna, with North Star Bachelor. He was born on 4/5 and was one of the first lambs born. He is for sale, he could possibly be for sale with momma before weaning, but it would have to be to a VERY special home. Iduna is a total sweetheart, and I have to know that she's in good hands :) Daddy is Minwawe Padlock.

Also this day, Minwawe Magnolia had twin girls! They're so cute. "Maid of Honor"(Black) & "Bridesmaid"(moorit) are darn cute, and growing every day! Daddy is Sheltering Pines Arturo. Both of these girls are available for sale.

I got a TON of facial spotting this year.

Before we headed out to Garretts, Justalit'l Marion graced us with a ewe lamb. "Dress" is out of Arturo.

We'll have to watch the bite on this girl though, she may be need to be sold as a pet only. We'll watch her as she grows, and see how she turns out before offering her for sale.

Minwawe Bejig also had a ewe lamb on this date, but I wasn't able to get photos before I left. But when I came back.....

This little cutie is also for sale :)

Now on the 9th, this is the day that my first poll carrier pen decided to lamb. I am quite excited about these two, "Grace" & "Elegance", sired by North Star Lightning, dam is Sheltering Pines Cornet. They will likely be for sale, as this was a line breeding (Cornet is Lightnings mother) so I do not want to breed them back to him. This will definitely be a repeat breeding!

The color difference between these two is nifty. :)

The other lamb born on the 9th was Minwawe Polkas daughter, "Friend". She's not tame, but will probably be tamer than most of the lambs since momma is a honey. She will be for sale when weaned.

I'm gonna start in another post so these don't become TOO pic heavy. :)