Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pretty jewelry! Chance to win!

Go there and enter for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate! Neat hand stamped jewelry! :)

Happy Birthday Anisa!!!!

It's Anisa's 5th birthday today! Everyone got their favorite treat

and I thought I'd share some photos of Anisa! :) Enjoy! :)

Just a few hours after picking her up from the breeder in Superior, and then my mom meeting the breeder in Barnum to get her sister :)

Mmm...socks :)
She's a lot less help nowadays lol
Nice size comparison, even though she's stretched out a bit

In my shoes.....Below she's starting to get into the puppy uglies that poms go through
These were taken in May, right around the 5 month mark....
Next to one of my mom's Cavalier puppies

With her sister, Meeka.

MAJOR puppy uglies :) lol

And now the beautiful princess that she always has, and always will be! Momma loves her naughty, nasty, crabby princess :)