Monday, February 28, 2011

It's a mystery....

We've got these 3 little sweet black chicks in the order...and don't know what they are!

Of the breeds that Murray McMurray offers, these are the black breeds:

Black Australorps
Black Giants
Blue Andalusians (blue gene means you get 25% black hatch usually)
Black Minorcas
White Faced Black Spanish

They could be any of those breeds. Adam and I went through the list and through Murrays site, and think that they're either Anconas or Lakenvelders (G's hoping the later), but I'd like your opinions! Here are the chicks!

Here they are as day olds:

And now as week olds:


Chick 2


Please let me know your expert opinions!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New peepers!

This tells you how evil our cat

Since I won't have a real gypsy for quite a few years yet, I had to buy this cute little family at L&M in town.Yay peeps in the mail!

Peeps in their pen!

Hey you!

I see you!

Partridge cochins
3 mystery chipmunks
Maybe a BLR Wyandotte?
2 different shades...hmmm....

Teddy watching the chicks...
Buttercup babes!

I think these might be Sumatras or Anconas...hmmm...One of Garretts blonde girls....white wyandotte :)

Buttercup babe!

I believe this is G's partridge wyandotte....
Cute little red chipmunk....


G's Buff OrpMaybe gold laced cochin?

Last night we took Meiling & Jia li out to cuddle :) This is them in Adams lap

And in my shirt....Someone pooped on me!
Here's the girls!

Arent' they darling?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Numbers numbers numbers....

Oh wow. without numbered posts, it's kind of a pain in the arse to figure out who goes to what number...but I'm working on it. I've already used to draw the numbers for the prizes, and I added a few as well! I will post names/blogs and pictures of all the prizes by tomorrow :) Thanks to everyone who participated! I didn't realize what day it was as I've been not feeling well the last week, so I only made it through about half the blogs this year, but I intend to keep the list and keep going through!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Okay...The time is getting closer....and I don't have a theme yet! Someone had suggested wedding theme with our wedding this year, but I've tried coming up with a list, and even if every ewe that was exposed only had a single, I still wouldn't have enough names lol. I'm thinking maybe poets....Or wouldn't chicken breeds be funny sheep names? Lol. Looking for suggestions. If I still played World of Warcraft, I'd use NPC (non player character) names from there, but being I don't play anymore, it doesn't seem fitting. I thought about cattle breeds since all my sheep are frickin' cows Maybe flowers? Wines? Favorite bands? Maybe I'll name them after songs like Cait suggested? Not sure.

I've got two babies to buy for now! My godbaby and my good friend, Eryn at MacDh'omhnuill Farms, is having a baby as well! Really excited :) I'm not having my own, therefore I get to spoil other peoples :D I started buying Tracy's baby Noahs Arc stuff cuz I found some REALLY cute stuff while thrift storing, but they want a bear theme, so I've been finding really cute bear stuff now :) I've got a bear picture holder that I'm going to repaint the bow around it's neck the same color as the babies room. Light orange. Wee. It was either that or Nolan wanted blaze The suspense is going to kill me though, cuz Tracy is waiting to know the sex. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH *pulls hair out* :D Hoping for a girl for Eryn though, cuz she has all boys so far :)

I can't believe how many people have visited the blog with the OWOH event! I feel so blessed that so many people like my blog :D *blush*

I think over the next few days, being it's the last OWOH event, I'm going to add a few more prizes. I already made another kumihimo braid, and maybe I'll loom a couple hats or a scarf or something. Have to finish Adams scarf first though.

Okay, time for more of my best friend Pepto to calm the turbulence in my tum-tum! Back to music and more blogs :)

(Wow, I kinda did a 180 topic thing there, didn't i?) :D

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Poultry post

Took some fun feather photos (try saying that 10 times fast hehe) yesterday at the farm. Unfortunately my camera didn't last long (forgot to charge the battery), so here's some of what I got :D

Silver Spangled Hamburg hen
Nargansette turkey hen
bantam Partridge Wyandotte hen

These next two are the same guinea, but I darkened the photo a bit so you could see the spotting a bit better. She's a powder blue, one of moms favorite colors :)

And I was very sad when I walked out to Lightnings pen....He rooed ALL his neck fleece! I should have thought about that with how soft and fine and tight his crimp mid-side is....*sigh* He's rooing out the rest of his fleece too, hard to say if there'll be any left for shearing on April 2nd. lol. If anyone is interested in fleeces, please email me if there's a particular animal you want. I took a photo, but it was with my phone, and I'm still not sure how to download photos off my iphone so I can post them on here...but they're on my Facebook if anyone wants to see them :)

I also have last years fleeces for sale. I will give deals before April 2nd to make room for the new fleeces if anyone is interested :)

Thor and his group
He's such a pretty boy.

And some ice crystals on the windshield...Part of the reason I couldn't take many photos at home as I was playing in the car on the way there....and then noticed the battery only had one bar left. *sigh* lol

All for now from the funny farm. Adam and I will be getting engagement photos done soon (won some from the Bridal Show) so hopefully I'll be able to post them when they get done.

Also! I'm looking for a double treadle spinning wheel if anyone has one for sale or knows of one for sale. My single treadle just isn't cutting it. We got it fixed, but I just can't keep a steady rhythm with it, the wheel doesn't want to keep moving the same way, and I think I'll have a better time of it with a double treadle. Would love to do a trade! Anyway, hit me up :)