Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A post for Nancy...

Or for everyone, but Nancy asked first lol

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Okay, it's raining out, I finally have some TIME!

Okay, lambing is over! So many things to tell you guys. My mom is getting a new Cavalier stud, a black and tan boy who's parents are absolutely STUNNING and have been completely checked over for heart and eye problems (with papers to prove it this time!) He's adorable, and I think they're bringing him to her next weekend. Here's a few photos I took when he was 5 weeks old.
And of course, Timmy is doing well. He's the black and tan Pomeranian male my mom and I purchased that I FINALLY named...lol. Denny finally decided on a name he liked, and it's sort of an inside joke between a couple friends and us. Here's some photos of him.
That was on the 25th-ish...here he is a week later...starting to go into his "puppy uglies"...all poms do it...
Please ignore the messy table...he was just too cute to move first! He's starting to grow before his hair can catch up, so for a few months, he's going to look like a scragly mutt...but then...oh then he'll be beautiful...worth the wait. :D Well, he makes up for it in personality I guess...likes to watch movies with me...lol

Izzy and Anisa dont' want to get left out...
And this...this I thought was hilarious. Mom was out of red food dye for the hummingbird water...right? So she starts mixing...thinking blue and yellow make purple...ummm...no wonder she dropped out of Chem...
Sure, they still ate every drop of it, but I sure got a good laugh out of it!

And I just couldn't resist this little lady at the ALCO store when we stopped to buy new dig-digs for our gardening ventures...
I LOVE Precious Moments stuff, espically the critters...and she has a SHEEP! AND she was the ONLY one left! They had a cow too, but not enough money for her too. I had to have her. And for $13 I thought what the hell, you only live once, right? She'll go right next to my PM goose once I get a fence up around my yard so no one steals 'em!

I'm going to be posting a lot more in my gardening and art blogs, so if you'd subscribe so you don't miss anything, that'd be awesome! Actually already posted one on my art blog today even! Okay, a more sheepy oriented post is next :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

WOW! It's been a wild ride...

...but now my vacation is over...*cry* It wasn't long enough!!! lol. Anyway, lots to update, but I don't have time right now, because it's 5 pm and I have to get up for work at 8...ugh. Just wanted to say that I haven't died, not done lambing yet, but am close. 2-3 ewes left (One we think either isn't pregnant, or is Minnie's mom, or just isn't showing very well yet). Minwawe Spearmint and Polka, and LRO Gretel. I possibly have sold some fleeces, have lots of pictures I took (but not nearly enough). I can't believe it's been 2 1/2 months since lambing started with my Shetlering Pines lambs. And my own lambs will be a month old the day after tomorrow. Time sure flies! Now to start picking and choosing who stays, who goes, and who goes in mah belly! lol. We still have adult rams for sale, and some adult ewes with lambs at their side. There are some lambs I already know will be available, but wether to pet homes or breeder homes has yet to show.

I am looking for a very nice, soft, low micron and cv ewe. Preferably at least a yearling, if not two. Also, as always, my mom is looking for "blue" sheep...any Ag's that have a blueish hue to their fleece. I could always use a couple gulkats as well ;-)

I'll try to get the statistics together and have them up by Thursday...tomorrow is going to be rough after working all night tonight, and I have a vet appointment at 10am. Hopefully Polka and Spearmint will pop out babies soon! I'm excited to see what they have!

Anyway, off to bed for a bit. More updates soon!