Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oh my goodness, it's been so long!  How I've missed you all!!!!! 

I've finally jumped from dialup where I couldn't even ACCESS this site, to MiFi through Verizon, which is the best thing I've ever done!  Wish I would have done it sooner!!!  It's amazing! 

Okay!  Some quick updates!

Lambing season is officially OVER as of yesterday.  Delta ended it with a beautiful CVM ram lamb! 

Here he is!  Isn't he gorgeous?!  This years theme was Stargate SG:1 for names, so I have to pick him out a name from the list.  I'm thinking Omoc!  What do you think?!

Flock average for microns this year was 26.4!  I'm SOOOO PROUD of my flock!  Average SD was 6.0 and CV was 22.9!  So happy with my results!  I will post individual results later!

I will be posting more regularly again now!  I hope I didn't loose all my readers in the interim....

Have a wonderful day everyone!!