Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I am such a slacker....

Seriously! I am!  I can't believe I haven't updated my blog since October!  It's just so easy and convienant to update the Facebook page, and it's a lot easier on gigabytes that cost a fortune for my computer!  lol. 

This winter has seemed UNREASONABLY cold...  but really, I think it's just we've been quite spoiled the last 10 years or so.  I can remember it being quite cold, much like this, when I was younger.  We've had one day above freezing all winter, few days above zero.  We've had even fewer nights above zero, and most of those below zero nights have had anywhere from -15 to -60 windchills!  Very cold for the critters, very hard on the critters.  I lost one older ewe, Shetlering Pines Olga.  Very sad, she was such a sweet old mooch.  I've lost several chickens as well.  It's been rough. 

But, I am now beginning to turn my sights towards spring.  Adam and I have talked things over, and we're cutting back again so we have more money to put towards our bills so we can pay them off faster.  We thought about selling out even, and it still may yet come to that, but I hope not.  We are cutting back to less than 15 Shetlands (not including what my mother keeps), probably more like 6-10.  We are keeping the Romeldales, the 3/4 BFLs, Babydoll, Charm and a couple of the 1/2 Romeldales (for now).  It's going to be hard, but we'll make it work.  I do need to find a new Shetland ram though! 

As of right now, I will still be raising Coronation Sussex, Silver Sussex and White Cubalaya, and will hopefully be adding Ohiki this year or next as well. 

This year will be a year for change.  I'm trying to be more confident in myself and my decisions.  I'm hoping to lose some of the weight I've put on over the last few years.  I'm REALLY hoping to get my craft room set up in the spare bedroom so I have somewhere to put my YARN!  I feel so bad with it sitting outside in storage totes, all alone....lol. 

Anyway, I will try to get better about posting.  Even if it's just mindless babel like this kind of was.  I know a lot of you prefer to hear about things on here rather than my facebook page. 

Now...off to dream of lambs...and try to figure out a theme for this year!