Monday, September 1, 2008

Cute pics :)

Thor peeking around the corner at me.

Like mother, like son...Torrent, Thor's mother, peeking at me too :) Same corner, just a few minutes apart...I think they smelled "cookies." :)

I just love Freyja's expressive eyes...she's absolutely gorgeous! feminine :)

River Oaks Tasha attacking me for cookies :)

Babydoll saying "It's HOT!" lol

River Oaks Diana's little guy. Nice little tyke...will hopefully find an equally nice home for him :)

Iduna doing the same thing she did at the fair for all the kids, sticking her head out through the bars lol
Peoney doing the same thing...well, trying. She couldn't get her fat head through the hole! lol. She eventually came around for scratches and cookies :)

Getting kisses from a particularly sweet sheepie, Minwawe Polka :)

Forseti peeking out from behind momma...oh wait, no, momma jumped in the way cuz she thought the shepherd had cookies! lol

I'm just impressed with this guy, just gorgeous.

Alti, beautiful boy!
"What are YOU lookin at?" This is the Minwawe boy out of Curly Locks that my mom wants to keep. I just love his horns! Tail leaves a little to be desired for, but that's okay.

FOF Likei...His horns are close, but they're passing. He's got a lot of fleece already and they get lost in there! lol
River Oaks Isaac and his lovely personality...such a sweet ram. Loves nothing more than a cookie and a scratch under the long as there are no girls around :)

And lastly, beautiful Mayhem. She is one of the prettiest cats I've ever seen!


Nancy K. said...

They're all wonderful but I've gotta say: your "Mayhem IS beautiful and waht a PERFECT for a cat!!!


Becky Utecht said...

All the photos are great Rayna! Is Mayhem one of your Manx kittens? She's beautiful. Who is the sire of Diana's little guy? He's so cute! Forseti is really nice. All of your lambs are keepers, that's for sure. Can you get away from work and come to Jefferson this weekend?
Oh, congratulations on your cute foal too.

Rayna said...

Well, I'm off work, the problem is getting down there and having a place to stay, etc. lol. Mom and I were thinking about coming down Saturday night after our bi-annual huge chicken swap Saturday though...and then driving the geo so gas would cost like half as much as my car lol. Plus, we can't fit more than one, maybe two sheep in there ;-) Mayhem is actually momma of the manx kittens. Now you know why they're so darn cute! lol Diana son's sire is Likei, my gulmoget. I already have an order for one of my ewe lambs fleeces, just need to get her coated lol.

Jenny Holden said...

Lovely photos! I think Frigga, Freyja and Forseti could find lovely homes in my flock :oD Can they swim?

Gail V said...

Well Rayna!
I found my way to your blog through someone else's, a first time for me. Now I finally know what you look like, and it's nice to see how a couple of my sheep's offspring look up there. I like the moorit girl out of Jet, and I didn't look further back, if there were more. And Tansy only singled a ram? Too bad. Nice to see your animal menagerie. Some of your photos are beautiful. The cat!

Garrett808 said...

get new photos up ASAP :P