Monday, October 26, 2009

Da boys...

Everyone was in for the day on a dreary morning a week or so ago, so I took some photos! The young boys let me in their pen with no problems, but I just stayed in the back so as not to cause any problems. Plus, Robin Hood & Rifle are quite naughty, and like to take not so nice shots at

Robin Hood & Lightning (Both Blues sons)

Everyones names are on them if you want to biggify and look. Marlin, Mickey and Pluto are for sale at the moment, though Pluto may be going to the butcher barn, not sure yet.
Beautiful Peter Pan! Keeping a close eye on his horns. They're looking good so far, but want to make sure they STAY looking good. I have high hopes for this young man :)
Even though I've always preferred horns...these two have stolen my heart. Lightning McQueen & Woody. Woody is Ag as well.
Beautiful Lightning! I ADORE his face. And he's SUCH a sweetheart!
Thor and Rifle demanding attention...and even though it looks like they're the same size, they're not. Rifle is just a mite compared to Thor, he's fooling us by standing in the wall feeder lol.
Thor & Peter. You can kind of see Peters faded facial markings here, he's a spottie :)
Arturo & Likei being NAUGHTY! They only do a little barn bashing when breeding season starts coming around, and even then it's nothing to shake a stick at compared to what I've seen some rams do. I'm SO glad I've been so lucky with boys.

"Bye Mom! Come back soon for more loving!"

Most of my older boys will be getting someone. I have some VERY nice boys available at the moment. Please contact me if you're looking for a nice boy to introduce to some ladies :)


Michelle said...

That's a couple of beautiful pollies you have there! Trying not to be jealous; I keep trying but haven't managed to breed my own with so little horn material yet. I am very happy with my scurred black gulmoget, though, so can't complain too loudly. :-)

Rayna said...

Thanks MIchelle, I'm quite smitten with them :) Each is going back to the others mother, so I could come out with some very interesting stuff, including a full polled gulkat! I'm not crossing my fingers or anything, but it's possible......... :D

Juliann said...

I didn't know you had two polled boys. Be careful, they will win you over to the dark side, lol!
What's they're breeding? Did you test them yet?

Rayna said...

Blues is the father of both, mother of Lightning is Sheltering Pines Cornet, and mother of Woody is Glenmore March Madness. I'm going to switch each boy to the others mother this year, and I think I have a couple other poll carriers I might put to them. I will always love the horns, but I just love the look of these two! Lightning has a LOVELY crimpy fleece, wonderful handle, can't wait to get him microned. Woody is a little more openly crimped, but still a lovely handle, and again, can't wait to micron them. Hopefully going to get samples in the next week or two to send out, along with all the other young boys. They're both this years babes, so will test soon...mwa ha ha ha haaa...I'll send you this on FB too, just incase you dont' check back.