Sunday, March 18, 2012

Record highs!

What WONDERFUL moving weather! Yesterday Duluth shattered record highs in the 70s! IN MARCH?! How crazy is this weather? I'm loving it :)

Anyway, still busy moving. We're planning on being out at moms by next weekend, so we've got lots left to do. Then we gotta get the house fixed up so we can show it. I should really clean my desk off..... :D

Anyway, at least for a while, I will probably be on dial-up (If I can find a freaking modem! lol), so pictures will be minimal. I can post some on my FB page with my iphone, but that will probably be most of the limit lol. Oh well. At least until we can get satellite figured out. And probably sell the house since we'll be broke otherwise. Ahh the joys...

But the real reason you're here....

No there's no lambs yet. Sad I know! Everyone else is starting but us. Mom was teasing Delta & Dolly yesterday though, saying they looked like cows. Both are quite heavy bred, as are a lot of the Shetlands. The Shetlands could start as early as next Friday. Delta & Dolly could go any time. Here's hoping for healthy lambs!! :)

Oh, and shearing day is April 21st, so if anyones interested in fleeces, let us know. We will be doing the alpacas in late May or early June :)

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