Monday, July 28, 2008

Better late than never?

I took these over a week ago, but have been super busy, so am posting now :) Enjoy!

Here's one of Minwawe Magnolia's boys. He's the tamer of the twins, possibly modified.

One of Minwawe Curly Locks' boys, he's staying here for now.

Minwawe Magnolias other boy.

Both of Curly Locks' boys.

The whiter flecket twin of Curly Locks'.

My sweetheart Thor, a gul-kat out of Torrent and my beloved Checknon.

Here's Thor's fleece under that dirty tan color.

North Star Tyr, out of LittleRedOak Tansy and River Oaks Isaac.
North Star Atli, out of Sheepy Hollow Peoney and River Oaks Isaac.

North Star Foresetti, out of Karma and Likei.

Frigga! I just can't get enough of her! She's adorable :) Out of Minwawe Polka.

Another shot of Frigga.

Another shot of Atli, you can see his horns a bit better here.

Another of Frigga :)

Kizzy's twin grey girls.

Me cuddling with Thor. :)
Two bodied, one headed sheep! Nah, just Lapachos twin boys hangin' together.

Lapacho's fawn kat boy, Verthandi. Pending sale.

Another shot of Tyr.

Lapacho and her boys.

Demi and her boy.

Iduna looks like a toadstool here! lol

Me and Thor...with my wrist brace wrapped in a Wal-mart bag and Magnolia wondering what the heck is going on and where are her babies! We weaned the other boys that

My mother is absolutely in love with the Minwawe crew from Mary Ellen. She wants me to post a special thanks to Peeps for our wonderful new sheep! Polka is by far her favorite, and she loves that Polka will follow her all around the pasture for scratches. She keeps calling her Popcorn though....LOL. SO guess what Polkas '09 baby will likely be called....? lol

That's it for now. More coming this week. Everyones getting their 'jewelry' :(


Corinne R. said...

Curly Lock's boys are handsome..I am addicted to spots! Too bad Frigga doesn't get any attention, LOL!

Becky Utecht said...

I enjoyed all the photos. It's nice to some with you and your mom. So funny that she calls "Polka" "Popcorn". :-) Looks like Polka really likes her too. Forsetti is so pretty.

Karen B. said...

I really like Curly Locks' whiter twin. Excellent pictures, Rayna-that was fun.