Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New lamb :)

Diana pulled through and gave us a pretty little solid moorit boy :) He's out of Likei, so likely carries spots.And some shots of everyone else :)

Sorry for the bad photos with random backs in them...I was being mauled for cookies!

Pretty Freyja
Tyr, out of Little Red Oak Tansy and River Oaks Isaac. Available for sale. Will likely be intermediate or double coated. Very nice fluffy long soft fleece so far.

This is either Minwawe Mangrove or Bayeau, both brothers look nearly identical. He is available for sale.

Frigga, Polkas daughter.
Forseti is getting friendlier! :)

Iduna, out of Little Red Oak Jet. She and her mother are being retained.

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Garrett808 said...

Iduna is very striking. Congrats with her and Freja, and Frigga and Forseti. All very purdy ;)