Thursday, August 21, 2008

Candid photos from around the farm....

Our personal maid/ This is my old girl, Willow. She's at least 8, but more like 12. They told us she was 6 when we got her...but they also were stoned off their ass most of the time and asked "what color eggs to llamas lay?"

Minwawe Merry-Go-Round, Minwawe Hopscotch, White Pine Rifle, Minwawe Miracle and Minwawe Skippy. Part of the new batch I got from Garrett that I'll go through when I get new pics of everyone. I just love this photo because it shows off such a wide array of shetland colors. Would have loved to have gotten a white in there...Oh well, next time :)

This is the boy out of Minwawe Curly Locks that we're keeping...he's turning out VERY nice.

Firth of Fifth Likei
Minwawe Polka! :) She's so darn cute!
Silly Torrent doing what she does bestest besides eating...complaining! hehePurrrrdy Mayhem!
Me with QueTee, my silver dapple miniature pain-in-the-@$$ :)

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