Thursday, August 21, 2008

County Fair time!

Well, I didn't show this year, but I did put a bunch of babes in the Childrens Barn to be petted. All of them were babies I bred, one was Frigga who's a Minwawe bred babe. They did pretty darn well, most learned that "pets" are good :) Sold one boy, and hopefully two girls. Iduna really suprised me because she was SO tame! The first day she had her head sticking out BEGGING to be petted. So cute. I got some really nice photos of her as you can see. But, the drawback: I will be picking shavings out of fleeces from now til sometime next year...*sigh* Oh well, with 25 cards given out, and someone wanting fleeces for lace knitting, I'm very excited :) Here's photos! :)

That's Iduna in the sunglasses and hat....she was lovin it! I want to get a dress made for her! mwa ha ha haaaa


Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Perhaps, you could put straw down over the shavings or remove them altogether. Those stupid shavings will destroy your fleeces even if you are able to get them out. They are very abrasive. Great for horses, terrible for sheep!


kristi said...

just wanted to stop by & say thanks for visiting me at Harvest Thmye. I enjoyed all the pics of your sheep; sunglasses sure do add character! I will be adding links to my blog hopefully this weekend & will add yours also! Best of luck 4 the fair!

Nancy K. said...

I'm thinkin' you've already figured out that it might be better to use straw for bedding at the shows.... ;-)

Your lambs are adorable and I laughed out loud when I saw the little doll in the sunglasses!

Rayna said...

Yeah, unfortunately the shavings weren't our choice, and I would have loved to have brought in straw, but I wasn't able to (boyfriends car) and my mom didn't want to put it in the back of her geo or drive her boyfriends truck back and forth to find one lol. Oh well, live and learn to ask before bringing sheep lol. At least they don't use shavings in the sheep barn (thank god!)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Iduna looks a ham! And is obviously a great little Shetland ambassador. :-)

Becky Utecht said...

Cute photos of very cute lambs! Good luck with those contacts you made. It's always good to get the sheep out and let them show how sweet and friendly Shetlands are.