Monday, November 10, 2008

Garrett pointed out...

The Minwawe boy crew...Keeping the far right, possibly the moorit next to him (the moorit to watch his horns).

...that I didn't have a couple photos that I posted on Facebook on my here they are!

River Oaks Isaac


Jenny Holden said...

Hey Rayna,

Could I find you on facebook? I don't know your last name!
I looked for Raynas in Minnesota, but couldn't be sure of which one you might be!
Have a look for me :o)


Rayna said...

Wish granted :)

Kara said...

Hi Rayna,

Those are some good looking boys, Magnolia and Curly Locks boys right? Those were among the ones I was considering originally. I ended up choosing Bahama, Tropical's. His horns are similar to your moorit one, but seem to have plenty of room to make the turn and come back out, let's hope. Good luck.

Corinne R. said...

Okay, do I need to get a Facebook account??? What else am I missing out on?

Rayna said...

hehehe if you want. Also on Facebook from the wooly world of Shetland sheep are...Garrett, Stephen, Elizabeth Barker and Kim Nikolai, that I know of :)