Thursday, November 6, 2008

Time sure flies...

Pretty babies!

Love this pic cuz you can see the dark spot really well on his nose :)

Hey, we're tryin to sleep here!

Most of them have a home I'm pretty sure. The two girls are staying with me, Summer is getting one of the piebald ones, one of my managers is getting one, Bobbie is thinking about getting one, and a couple other people are thinking :)


Garrett808 said...

they are already as big as the mom? so you have SEVEN babies to move out? boy:girl ratio? what about momma?

Rayna said...

Nah, they're about 1/4-1/3 the size of mom. Well, 5 babies, the two girls are staying home :) There were 2 girls and 5 boys. Momma I may be trading to another breeder for another color or somethin :)

dreameyce said...

Look! No longer 'jellybeans', but are now real rats! LOL Cute little noses.

If you keep any for breeding, keep self, or closest to self (solid) markings. Marked siamese are a major show fault.