Saturday, January 31, 2009

The sun is's warmer out..time for pics!

River Oaks Isaac says hi :) He's still rather "rammish" even though it's so late in the season.
Boy tri puppy says hi :) Still have 5 puppies left, and they're so FREAKING cute! This little boy may be going to a new home soon though.
This little guys horns are SO freaking cute. This is one of our little wethers out of Lapacho.
Baby llama says hi! He'll also be looking for a new home in a couple months.
Thors BEAUTIFUL SOFT fleece FULL of VM...Click to I'm hoping to get it all clean and into a lady who hand spins and lace knits! I'd LOVE a wedding shawl out of him...I just LOVE snuggling with him. Softest thing I've ever touched in my entire life.
Here's a photo of the horn Isaac broke off him. It's growing back nicely I'd say.
Here's good side and bad side. He's a very lucky boy. Still have the horn...kinda like a kid losing a tooth...think there's a horn fairy? lol
Beautiful Artie (Sheltering Pines Arturo)
Anisa says "Bye for now! By the way...I'm cute!" She is my little doll...

More tomorrow!


Corinne R. said... shawl???

Rayna said...

For someday... *rolls eyes* I've just always wanted a Shetland wedding ring shawl!

Claire said...

Just found your blog today and it was funny because I had posted on my blog a few weeks ago with a picture of two ladies who are wearing those shawls, taken when my parents visited the Isle of Unst in the early 1960s. One of the two ladies in the photo made a shawl for the Queen Mother when she visited there. Here is a link to the post if you are interested.

I'd love to have Shetlands someday. Right now I just have Icelandics.

dreameyce said...

Wedding shawl? Something you need to tell us? ;0P heehee

Mail me the Cavalier puppy! Fedex works fine. While you're at it, Garrett can pack Ell in the box too! *squee*

Awesome pics. All the fiber critters make me envious! We really should do a trade soon!