Saturday, February 7, 2009

It begins....(not sheep related)

Well, today I started the Pound for Pound Challenge at work. They weigh us every week, and for every pound we lose, Walmart* Will donate $1 to the local food shelf....however, if we gain weight, we pay $1 for every pound! Incentive! woot! There are also lots of prizes along the it should be fun! I weigh...*cough* 239.2 at the weigh in at 5 am this morning. I don't look it, that's for sure, but that's because I'm tall. Plus the weigh in was right after lunch, I"m normally more around 235. My goal is 170, that's about the weight I was in that picture Garrett posted of me today in his blog lol. But I'm going to the gym with a friend of mine for work to see what it's like and see if I'll be willing to do it every or every other day. Unfortunately, the physical therapy place is jerking my chain around with my therapy for my tendonitis in my shoulder. I call and ask one simple question..."Do you take payments?"...and that was 2 weeks, and 3 phone calls ago. Today one actually called me back, but I was away from the phone, and she didn't even answer my one, simple question! I won't be lifting too many weights until I get that arm in better shape, but I can at least walk on the treadmill and stuff rather than going outside! I have to buy walking/running shoes tonight at work so I'll be ready! Wish me luck!


Claire said...

Wow! What a great program! My work should do that! Good luck with it - sounds like your shoulder needs some TLC though. Hope you find a good PT option.

Sharrie said...

Good luck with whatever you decide to do. I am happy with PT right now, so I hope you can find some help that way.

Karen B. said...

Best wishes with the exciting new program, Rayna. Keep us posted!