Monday, July 13, 2009

Halter training 101, guardians, rescues and suprises!

Yes, I've been a poor blogger. Sorry :(

My halters came! I bought 4, and I think I'm going to want more! They're awesome! So I wanted to try them out right I picked Raja and Wendy as my first two candidates! They were less than thrilled.

"Oh the humanity..."

As you can see, Wendy took it a little harder than Raja...But see that BIG wagon of hay in the backround? Gotta move the girls so we can get it up to the hay elevator to unload it....
Moving her was less
She never really did enjoy herself and eat. Raja was at least eating, even though she was calling for Abu the whole time. Wendy was SO happy to see Peter when she got back to the pen...

But I decided to try Iduna and Slipper! Boy, they took to it like ducks to water. Well, Iduna wasn't GREAT, but Slipper only fought the lead once or twice, and was thrilled to be tied out in the weeds...
My rooings...Luckily, it's been semi-cool, cuz the shearer STILL isn't coming til next weekend, which I am NOT looking forward to, because my wrist is KILLING me from throwing hay (we actually had to call someone else in) and it will not be happy for shearing. I am SO excited to get Thors fleece and send it in though...mmmm....
White Pine Salida, Minwawe Mopsy II and North Star Freyja, all rooing to some extent. Oh, and after grazing all day...Slipper presented us with a suprise, which I unfortunately didn't get pictures of because it was the next day...a TINY little moorit ram lamb! He's cute as a button, but no spotting! There's two tiny white spots on his head, but that's like, unheard of out of Minwawe stock! lol. Daddy is Sheltering Pines Arturo, so the lamb will possibly be modified. He'll be for sale if he starts turning out nice. Will hopefully get some photos this weekend :)
The "baby" black swans are hardly babies anymore! Nearly half grown and half feathered!
And this is the rescue part of the title...I was driving to moms, flying down the gravel road, when I see feathers on the side of the road. Not thinking much of it, when birds are hit on the road and it's windy, you see feathers kinda flapping, but my gut told me to turn around. Sure enough, this baby tree swallow was there. So I nabbed him/her with little problem, they only tried to hop away once. Put the little bugger in my hat and hauled it off to moms. It wanted to perch desperately, so I gave it this bowl to perch on, once I got it off my finger! Little bugger was almost tame! Nipped me twice, but was probably hungry. Took 2 flies and some hamburger from my mom, and water from a syringe.
His wing is busted, don't know how he survived getting hit by a car though. Maybe just nicked the antenna maybe? I had to head to bed, so mom brought the little tyke up to the rehabbers in Duluth, hopefully I'll get updates! I'm hoping the wing can be saved. Talk about a will to survive though...thank god this little guy "waved" me down :)
And for the guardian part! This is Oden, my cousins dog who was over protective (they called it "herding") of her son, and it would irritate him so much when Oden would walk sooo close behind him, so they wanted to find him a new home. Of course we'll try him! A free chance at a guardian!
He's MASSIVE! lol. And a TOTAL doll. He's been in the sheep pen, on and off the leash, has no interest in the sheep, but boy did Maya take interest in him when he stepped in the pen! She went after him, but probably only because her cria is still young. He dwarfs the fattie Max sheltie!He's such a big loveable gallomp. Loves everyone, is great around the animals. We figure if nothing else, he can mark everything to his hearts content, and that will be enough to keep critters away...and those critters that don't stay away maybe the llamas will take care of, because Oden is a bit of a chicken sh*

Will hopefully have more photos of the sheep coming up. We had Garrett out yesterday, so he got to see the new baby, and see the progress of everyone growing and fleeces and stuff :) It was fun!

Have lots of sheepies for sale, so if you see something you like, please inquire!


Christine said...

I'm getting ready to do some halter training myself. Their not even remotely looking forward to it. :)

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

The halter training photos are a riot.