Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Better late than never, right?

Yes, I've been a very, very, VERY bad blogger. I've been SO busy, and having personal issues, that I've been neglecting my blogging duties! hehe. So, better late than never I guess :) Getting excited for the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival! I only work two days this week, and then it's off to southern Wisconsin! Bringing my spinning wheel with in the hopes that one or more of my lovely friends can give me some crash courses in it. I've always learned best with a combination of reading and seeing it done.

The sheep are starting to notice the impending cold. The boys are starting to get rowdy. I have quite a few stunning boys for sale this fall, if anyone is looking for some good breeders. Lovely spots, and all of the lambs this year were F2 Orions at the very least. Almost all of the lambs this year were moorit, so we tagged early to make sure we knew who was who. Well, you know lambs and ear tags....ugh. Luckily they're still sucking, so we can still tell who's who for the most part. Going to buy some chalk and mark numbers on their foreheads I think...lol. Or spray paint... Or paintballs LOL J/k. Lots of nice even fleeces this year though.

I'm not sure what will be available for ewe lambs yet this year, but I do have a few ewes available for sale as I make room for new stock and lambs. Little Red Oak Tansy and Little Red Oak Jet for sure, possibly Minwawe Lyra & Minwawe DoSiDo if I get a couple more spot producers to replace them. I have twin black krunet girls out of Minwawe Polka X White Pine Philemon AI that will be available. Those two are full of spit and vinegar, that's for sure. Happy go lucky as can be.

Okay, time for some photos! They're from the end of July, but you get a good idea of how the lambs are developing. Every time I've gone out since, we've had too much to do, or it's been crappy out and the pictures suck.

This little guy has the likeness of a ram lamb who went to live on the East coast last year. Penny, remind you of anyone? hehehe

Still deciding on this little gem if she'll stay or not.

This is North Star Tigerseye. She will be staying with us. She is FirthofFifth Rhiannon X White Pine Philemon AI.

This is Ruby (and Kumani's butt...lol). She was our little preme. Mom re-cycled after settling, and so had her and her BIG sister. Sister did great, but we had to suppliment Ruby after they got into an accident with a hog pannel and Ruby couldn't keep up with mom very well any more. Bedegrayne still knew who her baby was, so mom brought little Ruby out every day to visit with mom, and then would bring her in and feed her a bottle. Now she and Kumani share a bottle every day :)

Sommarang Gail with one of the aforementioned black ewe lambs of Polkas. Little turd tore her ear tag out already....

Little running boy

"I'm cute, gimme cookie!"

Gail in the backround, Polka next up, Dory (with an unknown lamb at her side), and Skippy in the front.
Ram at rest

One of Charms *yummy* boys :) Look at all that fleece already! Too bad moms is so harsh. It'll be good felting fleece though.

Not sure who she is, but she's gorgeous :)

Another treat monger....

I'd have to look at the list to see who this is, but look at that crimp, all the way down the legs :)

Here's one of the lookers. Fawn katmoget ram lamb out of....oh crap, who's he out of?! Ummm....I forget off hand. lol.

And his backend.

Kimia with a few lambs around her.

The "end" :) Adam with Kumani. Nice rear, eh? (Anni, not Adam ;-) )


Alpaca Granny said...

I enjoyed reading about your sheep. They are well loved! Your blog popped up on my Google Alerts because I'm NorthStarAlpacas. Here's my store - http://northstaralpacas.etsy.com

Teresa said...

It is good to hear from you! Such pretties you have!

Rayna said...

Thanks Teresa! Lets just hope prospective buyers think so too ;-) See you at Jefferson! :)

Rayna said...

@ Alpaca Granny. I purchased my rainbow alpaca arm warmers from you :D They are wonderful.

Teresa said...

Rayna, I'm not going to Jefferson. I'm doing the Little Falls Craft Show!

Rayna said...

Sorry, was thinking other Teresa :) Didn't look at the icon next to your name, d'oh. lol :)