Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More photos from Mid-July

More photos from Mid July of lambs. Above are Olgas twins

One of Marchs twin 1/2 poll boys. Both have very small scurs that keep breaking off.

One of the moget face boys rear ends. These boys are both for sale to someone who wants to expand their polled genetics. These boys are (if I did this right) F3 Jamie, Jericho; F4 Drum Ram, Dillon; F5 Drum Jings; F6 Holly, Timothy. Lots of nice genetics back there.

Babydoll X Shetland
Babydoll X shetland
Another photo of Basalt
The two moget face (Ag Katmoget) boys.

March boy & both Babydoll X
They're just so darn cute!
The difference in Tigereye's fleece compared to another moorit

One of Charms boys
Charms twins are so different...this is what happens when they're 1/4 Coopworth, 1/4 Border Leiscter, 1/8 Shetland, 1/8 Karakul, 1/8 Lincoln, 1/8 Corridale.... *whew* lol
But so cute!
and adorable...

and want cookies :D

Another shot of one of the moget face boys

This little guy is a looker...
This little tiny tyke is out of Minwawe Mopsy II.
Boys hoping for new homes! The Ag boy in the middle looks to be a poll carrier maybe?
Moget faced boy
Boy on the right looks to be destined for slaughter or a fiber home...Boy on the left is a hopeful to a breeding home :)

North Star Mary Poppins & Minwawe Lyra

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