Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome 2012, and a whole lotta changes!

As some of you may have noticed, our name changed slightly :) The Shetlands will always be North Star Shetlands, but since returning to the farm this spring is FINALLY happening, we needed a farm name. There's WAY too many "North Star Farms"...there's even one locally, so we didn't want that. So I came up with a list of names, and Adam and I went over them one by one, and decided on Destiny Acres. We both believe everything happens for a reason, so destiny it was! Plus Kumani's name meant 'destiny', so there's also that special meaning behind it.

Goals for 2012:
~Reevaluate the flock. Culling out lots of our Shetlands to pet, fiber & meat homes. Going to slowly start over with a handful and work our way back with proper fleeces. We'll see what is produced this year, but a lot will be leaving. That means if you've seen someone you're interested in, please inquire, ya never know :)

~Start building up my SQ poultry again. I miss having poultry! I've already got a few feelers out on some Cubalayas. Hopefully going to eventually renovate the barn so that there really isn't and poultry loose anymore, so each pen can get the different feeds they need. We'll still have some "yard candy", but not near as many as we do now. So will also have some colorful crossbred roosters and hens available this spring!

~Start selling and sending in WOOL! I have 3 years of the stuff! lol. I'm hoping to buy a wash tub this spring so I can start washing it and sending it out. Going to start making use of the time work is giving me off :) Also want to save up money for some coats, so everything I make off selling raw wool will go right back into a fund for coats. Anyone wanna buy some raw wool? :D

That's all I can think of for the moment. lol.

Married life is good, for those that are wondering :) Adam is loving all the critter changes and ideas I'm having, and he's actually happy that work cut my hours down, it'll allow me to get packing soon!

Also, I'm having a mini contest before the 100 likes contest on my FB page. When I started it there were 30 people left to go til 100, so I posted that whoever invites the most people (people that actually like animals, that are interested in animals, etc) will win a mini prize as well! So get inviting, people! Christy is ahead so far, but it's anyones game :)

So, here's to a healthy and happy new year! Bring it on 2012! :)


Teresa said...

Love the name! But no mention of spinning. Happy 2012!

Becky Utecht said...

Rayna, I would be interested in buying some of your cleanest raw fleeces.