Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New peepers!

This tells you how evil our cat is....lol

Since I won't have a real gypsy for quite a few years yet, I had to buy this cute little family at L&M in town.Yay peeps in the mail!

Peeps in their pen!

Hey you!

I see you!

Partridge cochins
3 mystery chipmunks
Maybe a BLR Wyandotte?
2 different shades...hmmm....

Teddy watching the chicks...
Buttercup babes!

I think these might be Sumatras or Anconas...hmmm...One of Garretts blonde girls....white wyandotte :)

Buttercup babe!

I believe this is G's partridge wyandotte....
Cute little red chipmunk....


G's Buff OrpMaybe gold laced cochin?

Last night we took Meiling & Jia li out to cuddle :) This is them in Adams lap

And in my shirt....Someone pooped on me!
Here's the girls!

Arent' they darling?


Pam in Wisconsin said...

Great looking chicks!!! I've ordered from McMurray in years past. They have a nice variety of chicks. How many did you get? Looks like quite a large amount.

Teresa said...

They are beyond adorable! Now I want baby chicks, too! But they don't stay so tiny and cute for long. Fun pictures.

Karen B. said...

They are so cute, I'm sure you will have fun with them. Keep posting pix as they change! Where do you find your energy for all these projects? Oh, that's right, you're about 3 decades younger than I am. :)