Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1/10 Farm photos

Peoney filling her face as usual....

Pretty turkeys! Mom's keeping the lavender pair, but the three browns in teh back are for sale.

Paddy and his harem


Upclose of Paddy and his dirty nose

Aaahhhh chin scratch

Loopy Lucy

Lets make faces!


Who's the giant? lol

Awww...if I cuddle with you, do I get more apple treats?

Isaac says "GIMME MOAAARRRR" lol

I don't think Filipe' liked the apple

aahhhh scratches
Lucy & QueTee


Awww Blondie is getting horns!
Blondie, Edith & the other cows
Awww TBone in his sweatshirt hehehe

Hey...ummm...I think you're supposed to EAT it not WEAR it....
One of these things is not like the others......

Adam lounging with the sheepies
Marion & DoSiDo
Sheepie butts
Beautiful Marion
Olga checking out Adam
Meesha with a mouthful
Awww a family! Funny enough, daddy's the little one in the middle lol
Skippy looks pissed that she got kicked out of the hay pile lol
Omm nom nom
Gail, Marion & Olga
The four fair maidens (Ruby's butt is back behind the rest of the girls)

Buddy & Marions ram lamb...too bad he had to be wethered, he had the best fleece this year I think
Beautiful rams! And Buddy getting in the way as usual
Pretty Buddy Goat


Pam in Wisconsin said...

The farm looks very active. The animals are handling the winter well!

Karen B. said...

Wow, lots going on at the farm! I have a wish list from all of your animal pix! Are the equines minis or ponies? I should not have come

Rayna said...

Oh yes the animals handle the winter They're minis, not ponies. The appaloosa stud and the dapple mare are both AMHR registered, but the red & roan fillies aren't. The two year old QH/Paint filly is looking for a home though, she's a Wilywood granddaughter, out of the last intact Wilywood son. Hopefully we'll have some mini foals this spring :) I think everyone is right around 30-34'' tall, so should have decently sized foals, though Lucy's mom was 38'', so she has the potential to throw a little bigger foals.