Friday, February 4, 2011


Scrambling to find something to giveaway for the One World One Heart event!

It's a fun event in it's 5th and final yearly installment to bring together bloggers from all over the world! Everyone signs up and chooses a doorprize(s) to giveaway and your blog gets linked on her page and people from all over the world comment and you choose a winner! Simple. But finding things to giveaway....not so simple. Thinking about going through my stuff and destashing some....Maybe some ribbon....maybe some yarn....maybe some buttons....Fabric....We'll see :) You all know what an eclectic sense of....well, of life, that I have, so lord knows what I'll end up throwing in lol.

And sure, it figures. The day I buy walking shoes? It's raining/sleeting out... *sigh* I will lose the weight!

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