Monday, May 23, 2011


The 13th was a historic day at the Funny Farm! But first, I just love this picture of 3 day old "Gift"...she is such a cutie!

Anyway, the 13th was when we had our first set of triplets! Ever! We were planning on shearing that weekend, so we had been sorting everyone for taking fleece samples. They hadn't been run very much, just enticed into the pen with grain and hay and the doors slammed on them lol. But Charm decided to pop out the triplets in a span of less than 20 minutes. We literally had locked everyone up to settle down for a few, ran in the house to eat, and came back out and in 15-20 minutes she had 3 little boys all cleaned off and trying to nurse.

2 white and one grey katmoget. Thor is the father. The little katmoget who was the smallest, and the smallest of the white boys had a hard time attaching to that nipple, so needless to say, they came in the house for the night and took bottles like troopers!

"Dis MY brother...."

They were put out with momma every day for the first three days, then the little katmoget went to live at a former classmates home with her family! Jojo is now doing well, and HIGHLY spoiled, she even texted me the other day to find out when his birthday is so he can get cake next year :)

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