Monday, May 23, 2011

4/14 Shearing day!

Shearing day went off without a hitch...kinda. The weather SUCKED! It was SO cold, we were all wearing sweatshirts AND jackets! Our previous shearing day had been rained out, so we weren't going to give this one up as it was hard enough to get it rescheduled. I was too cold to take many :)
I think this is Aurora getting shorn.
Even Babydoll got a haircut! LOOK AT THAT BAG! lol. She looks like a fricking dairy cow this year, it's crazy. And only had twins! She's definitely
Calico colored ground after shearing that light fluffy alpaca wool in 30 mph
Even Willie got shorn! This is his reaction.....scary, I know. Willie the billy prides himself in terrorizing the public....*shudder*
NEKKID GURLZZ!!! I was pretty happy with everyones condition. A few could have used a few more groceries, but are now fine now that they're on grass.
Ahh the scrap wool pile....wait a minute....what's that?
CUTE wool scraps! lol. Biggify if you can't see what I'm talking about in the middle of the photo. They blended right it, it was hilarious :)

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