Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally! :) (Pic heavy)

Finally some photos! I am SO sorry to everyone, I've just been going nuts over everything, and going 20 ways at once!

Less talk, more lambs!

Here is North Star Iduna, with North Star Bachelor. He was born on 4/5 and was one of the first lambs born. He is for sale, he could possibly be for sale with momma before weaning, but it would have to be to a VERY special home. Iduna is a total sweetheart, and I have to know that she's in good hands :) Daddy is Minwawe Padlock.

Also this day, Minwawe Magnolia had twin girls! They're so cute. "Maid of Honor"(Black) & "Bridesmaid"(moorit) are darn cute, and growing every day! Daddy is Sheltering Pines Arturo. Both of these girls are available for sale.

I got a TON of facial spotting this year.

Before we headed out to Garretts, Justalit'l Marion graced us with a ewe lamb. "Dress" is out of Arturo.

We'll have to watch the bite on this girl though, she may be need to be sold as a pet only. We'll watch her as she grows, and see how she turns out before offering her for sale.

Minwawe Bejig also had a ewe lamb on this date, but I wasn't able to get photos before I left. But when I came back.....

This little cutie is also for sale :)

Now on the 9th, this is the day that my first poll carrier pen decided to lamb. I am quite excited about these two, "Grace" & "Elegance", sired by North Star Lightning, dam is Sheltering Pines Cornet. They will likely be for sale, as this was a line breeding (Cornet is Lightnings mother) so I do not want to breed them back to him. This will definitely be a repeat breeding!

The color difference between these two is nifty. :)

The other lamb born on the 9th was Minwawe Polkas daughter, "Friend". She's not tame, but will probably be tamer than most of the lambs since momma is a honey. She will be for sale when weaned.

I'm gonna start in another post so these don't become TOO pic heavy. :)


TRACY said...

I absolutely LOVE your babies! Wish I had somewhere to keep one as a pet.

Michelle said...

Ooh, I've very tempted by Grace or Elegance! What are their parents' fleeces like? Length, fineness? Maybe you could email me so we can discuss this more!